Sunday, December 31, 2006

Interactive Faith Builder

What keeps you from believing that God can restore the parts of your life that feel dead or broken? What is the “something more” that God may be calling you to?

Why is it that every question lately brings me back to myself? I can answer questions that don't have anything to do with me better.

In order to answer the first question, I had to look into my life and decided what exactly feels dead or broken. There are some parts inside of me that I would qualify as dead. I talked a couple of days ago about finding myself. As I sit back and think and look into things I don't think that it isn't that I don't BELIEVE that God can restore me. It is more like WANTING him to. I commented on my weight loss blog that part of my block in weight loss was that if I lost the weight I wouldn't know how to act, would everybody expect something different from me. So I guess the issue for me is -- If I change through this process, how will I act? Will that affect the way the people think of me? Will it be harder?

God is calling me past the easy. He wants me to know myself. He wants me to BE myself.

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MichelleD said...

God CAN do it!
I love you!
Twinkling for Jesus,