Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Something Fun!

1. If I were inviting someone over for a special dinner, I would
most likely serve.... Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread

2. If I were in a rush, and needed to make something quick and easy,
I would serve.... Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwhiches

3. Something I ate in a restaurant that was absolutely wonderful
was.... Chicken Parmigiana at Olive Garden

4. Something I have had at a gathering and asked for the recipe
afterwards.. .. BLT Dip

5. My favorite meal served when I was a guest at a gathering... . Oriental Thanksgiving Dinner at my MIL's

6. My kids always beg me to make..... Apple Chicken

7. The best meal for a cold, wintery night.... Chili or Beans and cornbread

8. Something that goes great from freezer to table... Ice Cream -- lol

9. My favorite crock pot meal is.... I need your help here........

10. Something I have only heard being prepared in my family is.... Ky Derby Pie or Sweet Potatoes Curl Style

Have fun :) I tag my favorite cooks: Leann, Blest, Stephanie,


Leann said...

I'll work on getting it up tomorrow. :)

blest said...

Ooh! I just saw this! I'm still on the road - so I'll do it when I get home!Thanks for the tag!!