Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Memories

A gal on FB from my hometown was asking about Christmas memories from there. So I put my list up and thought I'd come share and ask about your Christmas memories.

~ The Goldsmith's in the 'big city' nearby did an Enchanted Forest when I was little and we'd go every year to tour and see Santa

~ putting up and decorating the tree at the Church many years. This was no small project considering our Sanctuary had 20 foot (at least) ceilings. And it had to be done before Advent started which usually meant we were doing it the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

~ Christmas parades in freezing weather, they always seemed to be on the coldest night of the year, I was almost always IN the parade, either with the scouts or later the band. It also never failed that my short legs were always on the wrong end of the row for every turn meaning I had to make the LONG steps to keep the line straight, while our 6'1" section leader was on the short end of the turn.......

~ Christmas concerts, we did portions of Handel's Missiah one year, portions of the Nutcracker one year, and songs from the guy that arranged (and I think wrote) Sleigh Ride one year, Carol of the Bells EVERY YEAR

~ and living on the street I can't forget the lights on the west end of my street every year, totally uncoordinated every body did lights and decorations but no one coordinated anything with any body else. Yet nothing was tacky or gaudy, it was always beautiful every year.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Goodies

I am working on some crochet creations for sale for the holidays. Some are for sale in my Etsy Shop. However, when I add Avon products to these creations I can't sell them at Etsy. So I am bringing them here before I take them to Ebay.

My first selection I call "Pretty in Pink"

Christmas Bags1

In the bag you have these products:

Christmas Bags2

contents left to right.
Bath Time Body Paints ~ Bubble Gum scent
Disney Princess Snow White Pink Lip Balm
Mnii Bubble Bath ~ Soft Pink

The bag is made with 100% acrylic yarn and measures approximately five inches across and five inches deep. I closes with a pink drawstring.

Christmas Bags3

Pretty In Pink sells for $ $9.00

The Second Selection is "Little Drummer Boy"

christmas bag21

The contents include:

christmas bag22

from left to right

Bath Time Body Paints ~ Coconut Custard Scent
Lip Balm ~ Candy Cane flavor
Shower Gel ~ Black Cherry and Nutmeg Scent
Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream ~

The bag is made with 100% acrylic yarn and measures approximately five inches across and five inches deep. I closes with a pink drawstring.

christmas bag23

Little Drummer Boy sells for $11.00

If you want either comment and let me know! We will work out shipping and payment.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Long time no talk..........

Yeah I know, I know. Things have been busy here. Kiddos are doing pretty well with school and we are beginning to establish some routines. Some good and some not so good. But we are working on it. I am praying that we can get something established. Mostly our days have been taken up with getting used to two big changes in our lives.

First of all we are actively working on going to seminary in the near future. This will be a big change for us and will include at least one move in the next two years. Probably more. We are working on cleaning and fixing up the house. We hope to be able to move it for a family member to use (a single wide mobile home), but maybe having to sell it. Right now we just don't know. There are several more issues that must be taken care of as well.

Secondly meet Baby Noah
10-26-2009 close up profile 10-26-2009  laughing profile

I am 20 weeks and everything is looking good. He is going to be a charmer. We are still working on a middle name, I have one that I like but Hubby isn't so keen on the idea.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Tommy has finally learned to ride his bicycle!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Week

We have finished our first week of school.  It went pretty well, I have to say.  It sure is a lot different than when we did this 4 years ago.  At that time I was only schooling one of the three and because of hubby's works schedule, he was home most of the time we were schooling.  This time around he is working days - some LONG days -- and I am schooling all three.  Needless to say Bug's isn't as nearly involved as the other two, but he is flying through that.  I may start him on first grade work by semester.  We are using Alpha Omega, Saxon, and Mystery of History.  In another couple of weeks I will add Natural Spelling in as well.    The beauty of this is that the oldest two work in their rooms when they can't sit at the kitchen table without sniping at each other constantly.

Today is wonderful weather, we have just finished with lunch.  Yes it is 3 pm, we slept late and didn't eat breakfast until almost 10:30....  Anyway, I just got a call hubby is on his way home so after he eats, we are all going to head to the park for the afternoon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Buddy came home from the cabin in the mountains with some bug bites, which he scratched and scratched until they became infected.  A newly discovered allergy to band-aid adhesive didn't help matters either.  Anyway because we couldn't get it under control, and his arm (lymph nodes) started hurting and he just wasn't acting like Buddy (run down, laying around etc,  NOT my hyperactive child) we took him into the doctor this afternoon. 

Turns out it is staph -- yuck -- we have anti-biotics and are under super disinfection protocols with him.  Please pray it doesn't spread.

Thankfully though no work days missed for me nor schooling for the kiddos.  They got all but one lesson done today. 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Catch Up Post

It seems that I have been scattered in my updates and about life in general around here.  I guess the bits and pieces have been scattered so far and wide that it has been hard to figure out exactly what is going on.

As announced back in May, I resigned from teaching, to once again stay home and homeschool.  And in mid July, I discovered that we were going to be blessed with bug number four.  Which means my blog name is now incorrect. But I will work on that in the future.  My due date is the same as the birthday of my youngest child , March 13th.  But with my history, I won't make it that long anyway.  I figure that we will have a late February baby. 

That all being said, our first day of school was today.  It went well overall.  IT finally dawned on Bug this morning that we weren't "going to school" when he came out of his room with his new fluffy blanket saying "I am going to take this for nap time!"  Once he figured out he wasn't leaving the house he was a bit more contrary.  He is in a hard place, knows quite a bit of the material we are covering, so he gets bored.  But isn't quite ready emotionally for the harder stuff.  He is all boy.  We will figure it out.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The long awaited day arrives.  We start school.  It has been a challenge getting lesson plans in place for 3 grade levels, but I am sure I will adapt to it quickly.  We have just got to get into a rhythm of the days and it should flow quite easily.  Keep reminding me of that fact as I whine ;-) 

I have everything but Buddy's math curriculum.  It seems the post office has lost it (and some people want the government to run our health care....).  If I have to order it again, can I charge it and the UPS shipping to the Post Office?

I also have a couple of big projects in the works.  I have a BUNCH of my dad's old T-shirts, which he can't wear but won't part with nostalgic person that he is (wouldn't have a clue where he gets it from).  I am going to attempt to make a T-shirt quilt for him for Christmas. 

My MIL has been posting pics of her recent trip on her blog.  I have been pestering her to get prints made so I can make a scrapbook for her.  I don't know if she will or not, but it is something I want to do for her. 

Well to get off of here and enter assignments for the next week.  Talk to you later.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Felicities


*Children who allow me to nap after a virtual sleepless night.

*Steven working today, after not being routed for the second day this week

*Children being home after a week @ Grammy's and Grandda's

*Imagination of my boys ~ who tried to make a pool out of our sandbox

*Great Friends who reach out to those who are hurting ~ and check up on me when I have been quiet.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Interesting Experience

WE have been getting better and better about using our reusable grocery bags at the stores.  I have quite a collection of them from various stores and in various sizes.  My absolute favorite are the big tan ones from Krogers.  They are sturdy and hold quite a bit in them.  They also have a pocket inside for things like magazines etc.

When we go in they are normally folded and stuffed in one bag that makes for easy carrying and the checker or bagger can easily pull out one or two at at time to use.

I have also discovered that Kroger gives you a 3 cent per bag discount on your total. Not much but hey every little bit helps.

Well, I tonight, I had only Alli with me and we needed a few department store things as well as groceries so, I braved it and drove past two other grocery stores to the SuperCenter.  When we got to the check out she handed the cashier the bags.  I sat there and watched as the cashier picked through all my bags and found my Wal-Mart bags.  The only non-WM bag she used was the tan Kroger bags, which I realized later had NO store logo on them whatsoever only "EarthSound" which is their green logo, but it doesn't say Kroger on it. 

Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Felicities

Welcome to Friday Felicities, a meme created by Nattie – now a resident of heaven. This meme is all about creating a list of things that make you happy and Nattie knew that when you concentrate on your blessings your sorrows are not as overwhelming.  If you want to participate mae your list and then link back to Becky

Sleeping In
Bible Study
Children who love Praise and Worship music as much as I do and  know more of the words than I do.
Homeschool planning
Scrapbooking - I made a layout yesterday
Facebook -- catching up with old friends and new ones too.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

Joy @ Five J's has an educational meme that is right up my alley.  I love this idea and hope to participate every week.   I also will be learning from the many other ideas that are and will be presented, adapting and making them my own.  
Today's submission is a few of my favorite educational links.  - I used this both in the classroom and as a homeschooler.  It has tons of free stuff.  Plus you can pay a small yearly fee and get the paid site with thousands more as well as work sheet and drill generators for math. spelling, and handwriting.  
EdHelper - is another site with both free and paid services.  Lots of games and worksheets here too
And possibly my favorite site is Carolyn's GuiltFreeHomeschooling. She has tons of ideas and resources available.  She has also starated a printing venture with her own books etc also available with more coming. 

Quotable Quote

“In answer to your inquiry, I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, and heaven without hell.” -William Booth- founder of The Salvation Army

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday.

Today's WFMW is a themed edition.  Summer Recipes.

Here is my favorite summer recipe.  It drives my kids nuts but I love it.

Fruit and Nutty Tuna Salad

1 small can of tuna - drained
handful of grapes, halved ( I like red of purple)
handful of nuts (I prefer walnuts)
small handfull of shredded cheese ( I use sharp cheddar)
dash of seasoning ( I use Pampered Chef's Citrus and Basil)
enough mayo or salad dressing to make it as creamy as you would like,  ( I use very little)

Mix together and eat.  I can eat the entire thing at one sitting if allowed......;-)

For more summer recipe ideas visit We Are THAT Family

Wordless Wednesday

My daughter and her best friend on the last day of school.  Her class was dressed in 80's fashion for the end of the year program.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It has been a LONG time since I posted a Tackle-it-Tuesday project.  I would go look it up but I won't.  It would take too long.  But in my effort to get back into this blogging thing. I decided that several memes would get me started.  Besides with one of my goals this summer being to clean up and clean out I decided that my book project would be a great place to start.

I needed to move this stack of books away from the side of my bed.  You see there is a small space between the books and the bed.  That small space is left for the  And as we lay in the stillness of the night my hubby asks,  "Is the vent covered?" At  least once a night, usually more.  I resolved today to do something about that.  I needed to get these books out of there.

But there was a small problem.  MY bookcase was already full.
 This is the bookshelf my grandfather made for a wedding gift to us.  It is already packed full, all three shelves are  two deep already.  And the top of it is out of the question.  There is no picture.  But trust me, it is packed full of hubby's stuff for work.  So I looked around and saw this!
Okay so it wasn't in this shape when I saw it.  I thought about "Tackle It" in the middle of the project.  I had already cleaned out and straightened  the four shelves.  The top two are already full and the bottom getting close to it.  But notice the middle area.  There is a shelf missing. One of the supports holding it is missing so I took it out. But I figured I could stack the books just as easily on that shelf.
So I did.  And notice the room left.  I could get more books there!!  Oh and the original problem........
That is what it looks like now.  You can also see my book stacked night stand. And in infamous air vent.
Oh and the added benefit?  This stack of books listed on my bookshelf @ Paperbackswap.
Oh and the added benefit

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday Felicities

Welcome to Friday Felicities, a meme created by Nattie – now a resident of heaven. This meme is all about creating a list of things that make you happy and Nattie knew that when you concentrate on your blessings your sorrows are not as overwhelming.

In no particular order
*books, books, and more books
*FaceBook -
*McDonald's Sweet Iced Tea
*Boys who sleep past 8 am

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me, Myself, and Lies - Day 1

I won't promise a post every day or even every week.  Heck, I won't even promise another post at all on this study.  But what I will say is this, I believe I am going to like Jennifer Rothschild's study and it has a lot to say to me at this point in my life. 

Day one deals with descriptors that one uses to describe oneself.  After looking at several instances of Biblical characters, we began looking at the words we use our selves.  Honestly categorizing these descriptors was hard.  However, there were two truths which Jennifer pointed out that I will cling to in the coming hours, days and weeks.  The first comes from Scripture 1 Corinthians 15:10 -  "But by the grace of God, I am what I a, and His grace is not in vain.....".  The second  "Who I am and what I struggle with are not the same thing"

Wordless Wednesday

 The Thinker
Sorry it is small but this is what I saw coming down the hallway the other day.

For more go to 5 Minutes for Mom.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wild Ride

Almighty and eternal God, so draw our hearts to you, so guide our minds, so fill our imaginations,so control our wills, that we may be wholly yours, utterly dedicated to you; and then use us, we pray, as you will, and always to your glory and the welfare of your people; through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

~ The Book of Common Prayer.

The above comes is quoted in the book I am reading (also noted above).  I stated to a friend of mine in a chat the other night that I needed to get back into reading and study of the Word. And as ashamed as I am to admit it, I didn't really know where to start.  So I did what I knew I could do.  I picked up two different Bible studies that I have around here.  Both of these I have because I am supposed to be doing them anyway.  The first one is Experiencing God.  Steven and I joined a nearby Corps for their young adult Bible Study, though because of holidays, trips and summer schedules, we have only been once, they are doing this study.  Because we joined a couple of weeks into the study, I was going to start where they were.  However, because I haven't been faithful in even that.  I decided to start at the beginning for myself.  So I did that earlier this week. 

The second book I picked up is Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rosthschild.  I am actually going to do this one along with readers of the Living Proof Ministries Blog.  Yes, that is a blog written by Beth Moore and her daughters and one son-in-law.  Anyway, I haven't actually started this one yet because the kick off has not happened yet. I think it is supposed to happen next week.

I think that both of these studies are timely for me.  The last memory verse for my second graders this year was Matthew 5:13-16. I have been drawn repeatedly to verse sixteen.  "Let your light before men so that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven".  That verse, going hand with my personal memory verse for June (Matthew 10:18-20).  Though this is talking about Jesus' arrest and trial, the same reassurance, "you will be given what to say, for you will not be speaking, but the Spirit of the Father speaking through you", can be ours as well.  However this all can only be achieved by remaining in and with God (John 15:5), through His word, prayer, and meditation.  I want to experience God in such a way that He is visible through me all the time.  And in order to do that I must work on myself, cleaning up His temple (1 Cor 16:19).  And, with the bouts of depression that I have suffered in recent months, caused by listening to the lies of the enemy. I know a study about lies and self talk is in order.

I invite you to join me on this wild ride.  Because I know it will be. 

Friday, June 12, 2009


I have been putting my husband off for weeks on getting a new (to him) work truck - praying his little one would last just a little bit longer.  We didn't need to make a new investment right now.  Not with the changes we have looming off in the distance. 

Anyway He got a call today that there will be a company van available to him on Monday!  Praise God. 

Friday Felicities

Welcome to Friday Felicities, a meme created by Nattie– now a resident of heaven. This meme is all about creating a list of things that make you happy and Nattie knew that when you concentrate on your blessings your sorrows are not as overwhelming. If you would like to participate please create your own blog post and come back here to link it with other Friday Felicities participants. If you don’t mind, please include a link on your blog to  Becky's so others can also participate with us.\

*Quiet time in the morning
*kids coming home from camp
*long conversations with good friends

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joel Rosenberg books review on my book blog

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I figured it was time for an update. I don't think I have written this out here or anywhere else. FB friends know bits and pieces of it and W@H gals know more but I don't think that anybody really knows all of it.

Next year, I am staying home! I will be homeschooling my three again. I started talking about it with my husband back in the winter. Over the course of the next few months, I pointed out exactly how much of my paycheck was going right back to the school, mostly in tuition, but also other stuff as well. Not to mention things like eating out because I was to tired to cook. And then the amount of training hours it would take to renew my teaching certificate and the money that would cost. The last week of school we talked once again, and he said that he gave me his blessing to stay home next year.

The last time we tried this adventure we were in a much different place. His pay check barely covered our living expenses, and while he didn't outright forbid me to do it, he wasn't whole heartedly into me not working either. We were also only paying for tuition for one child, at the time and had no child care bills as he was staying home days and working nights. The one good thing about me coming home then was the fact that it got me out of a bad school situation with my colleagues. However, halfway through that year. He lost his job and went without work for 10 months. It was during that time that I went back to the classroom.

I have loved my 3 years at my school and left a very good situation and on good terms. I will miss those ladies and all they had to teach me while I was there. However, the time is right. My home and family are suffering. So I am coming home once again. For as long as God allows. We do have other opportunities and possibilities in the not to distant future but I will go more into that as time goes on.

Monday, June 08, 2009

99 Questions

Okay in an effort to get into this writing thing more I have decided I need a jump start.  So I am pulling up a link which I bookmarked quite a while ago.  99 Powerful Questions.  The title is longer than that but it is enough to satisfy my needs at the moment.  I don't know how often I will do these or how many I will do in a blog but, I will start with the top and work my way down for now.  So without further ado I will start with number one.

What do I want? That is a very good question indeed.  I can give you a laundry list of material wants but I won't go there, it isn't worth my time or yours.  I have some very strong emotional wants right now as well, but this is neither the time nor the place to get into those either.

What do I want?  I want to more fully understand who I am and who those around me are.  I want to be a blessing to those around me.  I want my children to grow up and understand themselves and to nuture their dreams and aspirations, not have them fit into my mold of who I think they should be.  Or have them feel they have to fit into some mold they think I have for them.  I want to be the person God created me to be and allow them the freedom to be the person God created each one of them to be.  That is what I want.  Now to just figure out what that is. 

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Three days into summer vacation and it seems all I have done is go, go, go.  I, personally have been to the chiropractor twice.  The oldest two have had physicals for camp, for which they leave on Monday morning.  All three have had  dentist appointments, 3 kids + no cavities = a MIRACLE.  and the icing on the cake?  Alli has all of her adult teeth showing in X-Ray's!!! (1 down, 2 to go on that score).  I have been to church twice for weekly meetings - last kids program until fall though. 

I am now in the  midst of washing clothes and linens to get the oldest two ready for camp.  And we are all going to my sister's Friday night and Saturday for a scrap booking weekend.  I am looking forward to that.  I just hope the organizer I ordered gets here in time.  It will make things much easier to carry up there. 

Oh yeah, I have read one book and have started another one.  I have also gotten SIX in the mail from PBS lately.  My summer is set on that front. 

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009

What is your main goal?

Okay I was just watching the national news -- something I rarely do.  And when I do it is usually FoxNews and not one of the big 3 networks, but I digress.  Anyway I was watching the national news.  I saw the story of Nick Adenhart's death just hours after pitching his best game of his major short major league career.  Many people are stunned to say the least. 

But, two things struck me as I watched the coverage.  His agent, overcome by emotion, said that there was one thing about him, his main goal in life was to play major league baseball.  I am happy that he was able to reach that goal.  It would not be a goal that I could reach, even if I wanted to.  Many people do not achieve their main goal in life.  Many others do not even have a goal in life.  This young kid, and I can say that because he was quite a bit younger than me,  not only had a goal but had direction and persistence to make it happen. 

However, it did make me think.  Yes I have a goal in life, several in fact.  But I would qualify my main goal as being to more completely understand what it means to be a follower of Christ and help as many others as I can to understand this as well.  Not just to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ but continue in the disciplining process as well.  I am not doing well on this.  Which brings me to my other thought.

Adenhart's untimely death points out that none of us, NOT ONE of us is guaranteed tomorrow.  Not a single one of us.  We may never reach our goal, we may be given more than we ever dreamed we would get.  But that is totally out of our hands.  I must do all I can to reach my goal now, for tomorrow may be too late.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I want to say something on this blog not just write about the inane things I do all day.  No one wants to read that, and I certainly don't want to type a blow by blow account of my day.  But I often find as I sit down to type, that that is exactly the stuff I start to type.  I make these resolutions on what I am going to use this blog for and never really keep up with that. But I do not really know what all I am going to say.  And what's more I say it in more than one place, as I often copy and paste this to the other blog, since I have changed and gone back and lost readers here and there.  I am just trying to make it easier for those that have decided to try and keep up with me.

With this in mind and no I did not have this in mind when I started out this blog - what do you want to know?  Ask me something, give me something to talk about, make me think about something.  You my loyal reader will give me my next topic.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Today has been a good one.  I have enjoyed it a lot.  It hasn't been different, except for the first time since school started back we didn't have basketball practice today.  The last game was Saturday and the awards ceremony will be Friday night.  Maybe that was the reason I wasn't dreading today all day long.  But it hasn't been like other Mondays lately.  My friend Dana Twittered that Mondays get a bad rep because it is her most productive day.  That statement caused me to look at Mondays differently.  And well any other day as well.  I want to look at them as an opportunity to accomplish something worthwhile.

As for establishing some better habits my kitchen is clean again.  I know my two regular readers are sick of hearing me talk establishing routines again and again and again and..... you get the idea.  But this keeps me accountable.  And I keep trying.  I have a tangible goal now.  There are some reasons I have to get better about these things.  I can't go into that right now, but remember my theme for the year is Prepare.  I will be preparing for big things to come.  They will come and I have somewhat of an inkling of some things I can start doing now, so that is what I am going to do.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


My facebook status says it all tonight. I am in a weird mood. I have been doing really stupid stuff, like washing clean clothes etc. and could really go off into a depression over those things and another piece of information which I discovered today/tonight. However, I realize how stupid it would be to do that. But I am not quite ready to laugh it all off yet. That almost feels irresponsibile. I guess I am not quite ready to give my self permission to be that free yet, especially when my house looks like it does on a consistant basis. I think that is part of it. The lack of time and energy I have for the house has left it horrible and my moods reflect my house. But what seems an easy solution really isn't in practicality. But wait, that is an excuse, a cop-out, something just I could use to justify staying in the same cycle of behavior. I know that isn't going to work and only make things worse. So I will have to make some kind of change somewhere and start there.

Taking a look at my goals from the beginning of the year is a good place to start. I know I had a clean kitchen goal on that list. So that is where I am going to start - concentrating on my kitchen - cleaning and training. Training kiddos in responsibilities and chores. They both have them, but I am not consistant in requiring them done. That is my mistake. Also the kitchen needs to be organized in order to ease the care and upkeep of it. So that is going to be a goal as well. I am also going to work on applying some things I am learning in my course work about accountability and assessment. Who knew my master's work would help with household mangement?

Heck who knew that writing would be a catharsis for my weird mood? I feel quite a bit better now, and think my hubby has the air conditioner on.......its 68* people, not AC weather.........

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I have just been pondering creativity.  I have a creative spark inside me that just wants to, has to, needs to come out.  I also identify more with MY Creator, and realize that He created. That is the first thing which we read about Him.  "In the beginning God created...."  Later it tells us that He created humans in His image.  I think that says more about us than we can ever truly understand.  However, I realized today another facet of that statement.  He gave us that desire to create as well.  I have come to believe that everyone has the desire to create, weather they realize it or not.  And by create I mean not simply artwork, music, drama, writing, or anything else mentioned as a 'creative art'.  But anything that was not here to start with.  My grandmother spoke once of tinkering in the flowerbeds, as something which she loved to do and something which I would do once I grew up.  Gardening is not my niche and that fact once saddened me.  Now I realize that it, however, was one of her creative outlets, one which was not a necessity, but rather an enjoyment.  I think that rather she realized it or not she was not speaking of flower gardens but rather creating. Scrapbooking is to me like her flower gardens were to her.  I must get that table set up!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Evening Ramblings

Had a good Sunday today.  We got a call this morning that my SIL's c-section was going to be this afternoon, so we decided to take a trip west to see her and baby, (and BIL) after church.  We decided that we really couldn't NOT go to church on such short notice, seeing how we teach half of the Sunday School classes.  It turned out to be a good thing because I wound up having the teens in my class as well b/c Capt R. was out sick today.   I also actually got to hear the sermon today as well.  Capt B. preached on Joshua 7, Achan's sin.  That is the third time, in the third different context that I have come across that story since Christmas.  I taught it in Bible to my second graders.  I read about it in a Charles Swindoll book, and now I have heard it in a sermon. I am trying to figure out what God is trying to tell me in all this.

After that we made the trip to see the baby.  She is a precious bundle of joy.  Caylee Jordan Johnson, arrived one day before her daddy's birthday and less than a month before her mother's.  We also were able to see my nephew ( baby's big brother) and my youngest BIL, my MIL, and her housemate Ms Edna. It was a quick trip but we enjoyed it!

Now I still have to do the paperwork that I was planning on doing today, but it isn't absolutely necessary that it be done before tomorrow.  I will get it done sometime probably on Tuesday, since tomorrow is Bball practice.  That kills my Monday. 

Since I don't want to end this blog on a downer such as that last statement, though it is true.  I will leave you with this mini testimony I made while introducing the congregational hymn I was leading in service today.  Another reason I am glad that we stayed for church.  They hymn was Solid Rock - or My Hope is Built on Nothing Less - whichever name you choose.  The chorus goes like this.  "On Christ the solid rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand"  Several years ago God used those lines to impress on me the fact that this not only meant wheat I believed about Him, but also what I believed about myself.  Was I believing the words He said about me, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." etc or was I believing the lies that the enemy whispers in my ear.  When I start to believe those lies, I sink faster and faster into depression.  So I should stand on what He tells me.  I know, I know, I don't always but I am trying.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random post

I don't know exactly what to post about but I am going to post anyway so we will just comes up.

This week has been weird. We went to school on Monday, were off on Tuesday for the ice storm that never made it this far south, was sure that we'd be off or at least late on Wednesday but wound up trying to get there on time, and had school as usual today. I say as usual, my PE class got bumped for chapel, which we didin't have yesterday because of all the late arrivals. I am not kidding when I say I had half of my class tardy yesterday. Tomorrow I should be able to finish catching my class up from missing Tuesday.

I have started two completely new paragraphs and deleted them both. I just am at a loss at what to say. I keep making these resolutions to blog and then I don't. I sit here and nothing comes to me. I keep hoping for these profound thoughts to strike me, yet nothing is coming. So I sit here and prattle on about my day and family etc. I guess I am looking for a purpose for my blog(s) Yes I do have two, they are usually carbon copies of each other. I keep my Xanga because there are several Xanga friends that don't go else where. I keep my Blogspot because there are readers over there that don't do Xanga. They are both linked so if you are at one you can click to the other one. lol! There is a typepad one as well but I just didn't like typepad's set up like I thought I would so I don't use it.

I bought me a Webkinz the other day. I bought it because it was a red cardinal - to remind me of my grandmother. She loved cardnials. I will probably never activate the account. I just wanted the cardnial. It has been five years since she passed away and not a day goes by that I don't think of her an miss her just a little. I can not believe that it has been that long. She has never seen my youngest son that bears her maiden name as his middle name and is the spitting image of her son, my daddy. She has never seen my neice who bears her name and is the spitting image of her mother, my sister. I haven't been called Angel since Thanksgiving 2003, the last time I saw her. I can't see an iris or a cardinal without thinking of her. Those two items will be forever linked with her.

Okay I can't write about that any more. I will, however, one day get her stacks of scrapbooks and with my sister's help preserve the pictures and her writing in books that will not distroy them. She was a scrapbooker before her time. And her work needs to be showcased. That my friends is one of my next projects. Besides getting my own scrapbooks up to date. I need a scrapping corner in my house. Off to think on that one a bit. See what typing this random blog entry has done for me.

Off to copy and paste!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prayer Request

God revealed to me this morning that I have a working relationship in a ministry position that bears careful scrutiny - First of all let me state the is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE  at all about this relationship.  And that is the way I want it to stay - I couldn't imagine the other party thinking anything different either.  However, God revealed to me that all apperances must be kept above board because even the appearance of wrong doing or a rumor from such appearance rather founded or not - would damage both our ministries badly. 

Please pray that we all are conscious of this fact and continue to represent ourselves correctly. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

shamelessly stolen from Kathy

~ You've ever ended a sentance with the word "Psych!"

~ You know the profound meaning of "Wax On - Wax Off".

~ You've ever watched the "Pound Puppies".

~ You can sing the rap to the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and can do the Carlton.

~ Girls wore bike shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy.

~ After you saw "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" you kept saying "I know you are, but what am I?"
~ You yearned to be a member of the Babysitter's Club and tried to start a club of your own.

~ You remember boom boxes and walking around with them on your shoulders like you were all that.

~ You owned those Strawberry Shortcake dolls that were scented.

~ You wore about EIGHT pairs of socks over tights with high-top Reeboks.

~ You know that "Whoa!!" comes from Joey on Blossom.

~ You wanted to be a Goonie.

~ You used to (and probably still do) say "What you talking bout Willis?"

~ You still get the urge to say "Not!" after every sentence.

~ Two words...Hammer Pants.

~ You even wore flourescent clothing...sometimes head-to-toe.

~ You have ever watched Fraggle Rock.

~ You had plastic streamers on your handle bars...and spokey-dokes or playing cards on your spokes for that incredible sound effect.

~ You thought He-Man and She-ra should hook up.
~ It was actually worth it to get up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons.

~ You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose started falling off and his cheek bones shifted.

~ You wore a ponytail on the side of your head.

~ You saw the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen and still remember their names.
~ You got super-excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class in school.

~ You took lunch boxes to school...metal ones.
~ You made your mom buy one of those clips that would hold your shirt in a knot on the side.

~ You ever wondered why Smurfette was the only female smurf.
~ You played the game MASH (mansion, apartment, shack, house).

~ You remember the CRAZE, then the banning of Slap Bracelets.
~ You wore stonewashed Jordache jeans and were proud of it.

~ You ever wore a pair of jelly shoes.
~ You thought your childhood friends would never leave because you exchanged handmade friendship bracelets and pins.

~ L.A. Gear...need I say more?
~ You remember "I've fallen and I can't get up!!"

~ You remember "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" and all the Ramona books.
~ You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates.

~ You have ever played with a Skip-It.
~ You had or attended a birthday party at McDonalds.

~ You knew all the characters and their life stories on "Saved By The Bell" - the original class.
~ You know all the words to Bon Jovi's "Shot Through The Heart".

~ You remember watching both Gremlins movies.
~ Don't happy.

~ You remember New Kids On The Block when they were cool.
~ You thought Doogie Howser or Samantha Macelli was hot.

~ You remember Alf, the furry brown alien from Melmac.
~ You remember when mullets were cool...and probably had one yourself.

~ You still sing "We Are The World".
~ You tight rolled your jeans.

~ You owned a banana clip.
~ You had big hair...and you knew how to use it.

~ You remember "Where's the beef?".

~ You're still singing "Shot Through The Heart", aren't you.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Routines are still happening!

Bible reading -- yeah - I have been up every morning this week and reading. I am about to settle into a routine with it. I am actually ahead in the reading! Right now I am rereading stories I have read before - but that familiarity is comforting and is helping me as I get used to this early morning stuff.

Writing -- I haven't written EVERY day - but I have been doing more of it. Again once I settle into writing more, it won't be this mundane boring day to day stuff. It won't be as good as Dana's - in fact it will probably still be boring and mundane - just not my day to day happenings.

Reading -- I don't know that I will finish a book this week but I will update the book blog this weekend with what I am reading.

Crocheting - I haven't crocheted at all but hey it is still a goal.

Kitchen -- The kitchen has been cleaned every night except last night when we ate out. A has been wonderful helping out and getting into it.

Organizing -- the entertainment center is up for this weekend!

School -- so far so good. I may have to bring grading home this weekend because I have been busy getting report cards ready to go out tomorrow but for the most part I have done well.

Course Work - I started ahead, class was granted an extension for the first week, and so I quit. I need to pick that up tomorrow.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mourning Routine

Today was very good.  We were out of the house early without any fussing, whining or yelling.  And none from the kids either.  It took a little to get out of bed but, once I did. It was great.  I will work on getting up a little earlier each day or so until I am at my target time of 5 am.  I am also showering at night now. That will alieviate some of the morning stress I am sure.

I also have some great stuff to look up from Dana on a question that has plagued both of us for awhile.  She has been the active one in looking up the answers though.  I am going to use her direction and work from there.

But for now - I have a date with a book

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Part of my theme "Prepare" is going to be streamlining and decluttering my life.  I am working hard on routines right now.  Four days into the new year I have done really well with the nightly kitchen routine.  Kiddos are in on the act as well.  A even made the comment tonight that the kitchen looks better now that we have been Swiffering the floor every night.  Score!!  The boys are helping by learning to clean up their places after meals.  No more dishes left on the table ~ and I am not the one cleaning the table off either! Score!!

One routine I must change is my morning routine.  I there is absolutely no way I can stay in bed and actually get my Bible reading done.  So I am going to come to the kitchen and do so.  My Grandmother's Bible stayed on her kitchen table or on the counter because that is where she read in the mornings.  I am thinking I may do the same thing.  Now I don't drink coffee but I am thinking hot cider or hot tea would be nice too in the mornings.  So I am going to try that as well.  I may even be able to jot notes down as I am reading for my accountability partner. 

I will start with the new morning routine in the morning.  Now it is off to bed so that I can GET UP in the morning!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Scrapbook Day

Pics of the layouts I did for my album of the trip my high school band took to Washington DC.

The cover of the album

flags of the nations      
page one

mt vernon
page two

dinner cruise lft side
left side  
dinner cruise rt side
right side of  two page spread of the Dinner Cruise Layout

museum day lft side
left side
museum day rt side

right side of the two page spread of Museum Day layout

washington monument lft side  
left side

washington monument rt side
right side of the two page spread of the Washington Monument layout
I am not real happy with this one.  I may redo it next time.