Thursday, January 08, 2009

Routines are still happening!

Bible reading -- yeah - I have been up every morning this week and reading. I am about to settle into a routine with it. I am actually ahead in the reading! Right now I am rereading stories I have read before - but that familiarity is comforting and is helping me as I get used to this early morning stuff.

Writing -- I haven't written EVERY day - but I have been doing more of it. Again once I settle into writing more, it won't be this mundane boring day to day stuff. It won't be as good as Dana's - in fact it will probably still be boring and mundane - just not my day to day happenings.

Reading -- I don't know that I will finish a book this week but I will update the book blog this weekend with what I am reading.

Crocheting - I haven't crocheted at all but hey it is still a goal.

Kitchen -- The kitchen has been cleaned every night except last night when we ate out. A has been wonderful helping out and getting into it.

Organizing -- the entertainment center is up for this weekend!

School -- so far so good. I may have to bring grading home this weekend because I have been busy getting report cards ready to go out tomorrow but for the most part I have done well.

Course Work - I started ahead, class was granted an extension for the first week, and so I quit. I need to pick that up tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

HEY! never call yourself boring and mundane. I WILL BEAT YOU! I am totally behind on the chronological bible but now on track again with Disciple so planning to be able to do both