Sunday, September 24, 2006

22 days

Has it really been that long since I blogged??

Things around here have been insanely busy. I have forgotten just how busy it is to work full time!

Let's see to catch my few readers up on life:

* I have lost 10 pounds since starting with the other ladies on One Weigh or Another.
* I am getting ready to start a Disciple Study with several W@H girls -- which will take up even more time -- but hey the best time is spent in the the Word, is it not?
* I will get to go to Women of Faith in October!!

* Two of my bugs have started school and are doing wonderfully as long as they pay attention.
* The third bug will probably be starting a daycare soon, which leads to......

*Hubby has interviewed several places in the last 3 weeks and has a promising prospect we should know more about in the next few days!!!

* My niece turned 2 and we celebrated her birthday in style -- with a Razorback win over Alabama!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Que the Duck!"

The secene : The fellowship hall after church waiting on Daddy to come back from the van run.

The players: My 3 Bugs

The action: Entertaining another lady and me by crawling on the floor pretending to be different animals.

The oldest was a cat, then they all were cats. Then they were dogs.
They went around the zoo being various animals until the oldest got to a duck.

Then the youngest -- the two year old -- goes, "I'm Aflac!"