Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I want to say something on this blog not just write about the inane things I do all day.  No one wants to read that, and I certainly don't want to type a blow by blow account of my day.  But I often find as I sit down to type, that that is exactly the stuff I start to type.  I make these resolutions on what I am going to use this blog for and never really keep up with that. But I do not really know what all I am going to say.  And what's more I say it in more than one place, as I often copy and paste this to the other blog, since I have changed and gone back and lost readers here and there.  I am just trying to make it easier for those that have decided to try and keep up with me.

With this in mind and no I did not have this in mind when I started out this blog - what do you want to know?  Ask me something, give me something to talk about, make me think about something.  You my loyal reader will give me my next topic.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Today has been a good one.  I have enjoyed it a lot.  It hasn't been different, except for the first time since school started back we didn't have basketball practice today.  The last game was Saturday and the awards ceremony will be Friday night.  Maybe that was the reason I wasn't dreading today all day long.  But it hasn't been like other Mondays lately.  My friend Dana Twittered that Mondays get a bad rep because it is her most productive day.  That statement caused me to look at Mondays differently.  And well any other day as well.  I want to look at them as an opportunity to accomplish something worthwhile.

As for establishing some better habits my kitchen is clean again.  I know my two regular readers are sick of hearing me talk establishing routines again and again and again and..... you get the idea.  But this keeps me accountable.  And I keep trying.  I have a tangible goal now.  There are some reasons I have to get better about these things.  I can't go into that right now, but remember my theme for the year is Prepare.  I will be preparing for big things to come.  They will come and I have somewhat of an inkling of some things I can start doing now, so that is what I am going to do.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


My facebook status says it all tonight. I am in a weird mood. I have been doing really stupid stuff, like washing clean clothes etc. and could really go off into a depression over those things and another piece of information which I discovered today/tonight. However, I realize how stupid it would be to do that. But I am not quite ready to laugh it all off yet. That almost feels irresponsibile. I guess I am not quite ready to give my self permission to be that free yet, especially when my house looks like it does on a consistant basis. I think that is part of it. The lack of time and energy I have for the house has left it horrible and my moods reflect my house. But what seems an easy solution really isn't in practicality. But wait, that is an excuse, a cop-out, something just I could use to justify staying in the same cycle of behavior. I know that isn't going to work and only make things worse. So I will have to make some kind of change somewhere and start there.

Taking a look at my goals from the beginning of the year is a good place to start. I know I had a clean kitchen goal on that list. So that is where I am going to start - concentrating on my kitchen - cleaning and training. Training kiddos in responsibilities and chores. They both have them, but I am not consistant in requiring them done. That is my mistake. Also the kitchen needs to be organized in order to ease the care and upkeep of it. So that is going to be a goal as well. I am also going to work on applying some things I am learning in my course work about accountability and assessment. Who knew my master's work would help with household mangement?

Heck who knew that writing would be a catharsis for my weird mood? I feel quite a bit better now, and think my hubby has the air conditioner on.......its 68* people, not AC weather.........