Monday, March 09, 2009

Today has been a good one.  I have enjoyed it a lot.  It hasn't been different, except for the first time since school started back we didn't have basketball practice today.  The last game was Saturday and the awards ceremony will be Friday night.  Maybe that was the reason I wasn't dreading today all day long.  But it hasn't been like other Mondays lately.  My friend Dana Twittered that Mondays get a bad rep because it is her most productive day.  That statement caused me to look at Mondays differently.  And well any other day as well.  I want to look at them as an opportunity to accomplish something worthwhile.

As for establishing some better habits my kitchen is clean again.  I know my two regular readers are sick of hearing me talk establishing routines again and again and again and..... you get the idea.  But this keeps me accountable.  And I keep trying.  I have a tangible goal now.  There are some reasons I have to get better about these things.  I can't go into that right now, but remember my theme for the year is Prepare.  I will be preparing for big things to come.  They will come and I have somewhat of an inkling of some things I can start doing now, so that is what I am going to do.

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