Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Recipe

Take 2 weeks of dry days creating a dust bowl under the swing set
Add a 20 minute down pour this afternoon.
Stir until good and muddy.
Add three children, who have been cooped up in house and van for 2 days.

and you get:

muddy bug no 3

muddy bug no 2

muddy bug no 1

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

America's Got Talent


What did you think of the voting tonight?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thinkerly topics coming ----

I have been thinking through some things lately -- processing some
thoughts on changes in me lately and having some profound thoughts but
am not very organized in my thoughts to put them down in an organized
readable manner -- So I am just going to start this and see where it

have been proud of myself in the last few days. Two or three times I
have had original thoughts to something that some one said or posted
and have posted them. And have been validated at least once on that.
I am not sure another one has even been seen yet but that is okay too.
Why this is so important to me, is the fact that I tend to react and
maybe agree with what others have said but haven't really thought
through a lot to come up with me. One of the things I haven't liked
about myself is the fact that I know the 'real me' -- my thoughts are
a part of that.

I am also becoming a study of people around
me, especially family members. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone
was the same -- especially if they were all just like you -- you would
know what to expect and they would know how you felt and what you
wanted with having to say a word, because they are the EXACT SAME WAY
-- but the wonderful thing is that God, didn't make us that way. He
made us all unique and different. And the best way to get along with
people is to learn what makes them tick, to appreciate the differences
and figure out ways to work together to enhance those. Getting upset
because of those differences will NOT help, Insisting that others
change to make it 'work' will only serve to make the situation
miserable for someone, Disapproval, or disdain for differences again
will only make some one miserable.

Thank you for reading my
tangle post -- if it doesn't make sense to you don't worry - it
probably won't to me later either. I will probably change this as time
goes on -- or maybe not.....

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trying again

I will try to revive this blog once again.

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