Thursday, January 01, 2009

Goals for 2009

*  Read Bible daily - I have never been good on the daily part but will set aside time for that.

* Write  for personal reasons every day, blog entry, journal, or something else.  This does not include educational writing.  Will get to that in a minute.

* Read one book a week. - note that on my book blog as I am reading.  Possibly to include a Sunday Evening post per week on what is in progress and what I have finished etc.

* Crochet some everyday - again it may not be much but I have things I want to do -

* Clean kitchen nightly - I started last year with this and did well to begin with but it didn't continue so well.  I will also get kiddos on board with this one.

*Organize one space a week - This will include purging unwanted, unneeded, unused items.  The Thrift Store will love me this year!

*Keep school at school - grading and lesson planning done at school when I am working After Care or durning break times

*Work and stay ahead in course work for grad school, have essays ready before the weekend they are due.

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