Friday, January 02, 2009

Goal check

I am going to get help on my Bible Reading Goal!! Dana and I have the same Bible. She got hers this year and I got mine 2 years ago. But we are going to read them together and hold each other accountable. (Heather if you are game you can join us too. Maybe with 3 we can actually get it done)

I also forgot to put one of my goals down last night. That one is to scrapbook once a month. Which I also get to do tomorrow. I found my pictures from my trip to Washington DC 17 1/2 years ago. My high school band marched in the national Independence Day parade in 1991. So I got an 8x8 album and some patriotic and band/music stickers and paper. That is my project for tomorrow. To work on that album.

Along with my scrapbooking goal, I have mandated that I have to do it with the paper I already have. The ONLY exception to that rule would be if I have a special project to do ( I also want to tackle my wedding album sometime this year ) such as the one above. But I will have to go through what I already have before I can shop and I will only shop at 1/2 price sales at Hobby Lobby (or Michael's). I made this mandate after working on my organizing goal for this week. When I organized my scrapbook stuff and realized I had SO MUCH PAPER! Did you know Dollar Tree has paper packs with coordinated patterend paper for only $1? I bet I have 50 or so of those packs with only a few duplicates (many of those duplicates were purchased for a purpose too).

So lets see tallying up:

I have help on my Bible Reading Goal.
I have organized something this week.
I will scrapbook tomorrow.
I am writing right now.
I started on my Book Blog last night

That is a good start!

Oh yeah! Kitchen is cleaned as well! That is six!

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