Sunday, January 04, 2009


Part of my theme "Prepare" is going to be streamlining and decluttering my life.  I am working hard on routines right now.  Four days into the new year I have done really well with the nightly kitchen routine.  Kiddos are in on the act as well.  A even made the comment tonight that the kitchen looks better now that we have been Swiffering the floor every night.  Score!!  The boys are helping by learning to clean up their places after meals.  No more dishes left on the table ~ and I am not the one cleaning the table off either! Score!!

One routine I must change is my morning routine.  I there is absolutely no way I can stay in bed and actually get my Bible reading done.  So I am going to come to the kitchen and do so.  My Grandmother's Bible stayed on her kitchen table or on the counter because that is where she read in the mornings.  I am thinking I may do the same thing.  Now I don't drink coffee but I am thinking hot cider or hot tea would be nice too in the mornings.  So I am going to try that as well.  I may even be able to jot notes down as I am reading for my accountability partner. 

I will start with the new morning routine in the morning.  Now it is off to bed so that I can GET UP in the morning!

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Anonymous said...

i am SO WITH YOU on the morning routine. I actually fared decently today but need to fare AS well but a little earlier