Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I figured it was time for an update. I don't think I have written this out here or anywhere else. FB friends know bits and pieces of it and W@H gals know more but I don't think that anybody really knows all of it.

Next year, I am staying home! I will be homeschooling my three again. I started talking about it with my husband back in the winter. Over the course of the next few months, I pointed out exactly how much of my paycheck was going right back to the school, mostly in tuition, but also other stuff as well. Not to mention things like eating out because I was to tired to cook. And then the amount of training hours it would take to renew my teaching certificate and the money that would cost. The last week of school we talked once again, and he said that he gave me his blessing to stay home next year.

The last time we tried this adventure we were in a much different place. His pay check barely covered our living expenses, and while he didn't outright forbid me to do it, he wasn't whole heartedly into me not working either. We were also only paying for tuition for one child, at the time and had no child care bills as he was staying home days and working nights. The one good thing about me coming home then was the fact that it got me out of a bad school situation with my colleagues. However, halfway through that year. He lost his job and went without work for 10 months. It was during that time that I went back to the classroom.

I have loved my 3 years at my school and left a very good situation and on good terms. I will miss those ladies and all they had to teach me while I was there. However, the time is right. My home and family are suffering. So I am coming home once again. For as long as God allows. We do have other opportunities and possibilities in the not to distant future but I will go more into that as time goes on.

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