Saturday, February 07, 2009


I have just been pondering creativity.  I have a creative spark inside me that just wants to, has to, needs to come out.  I also identify more with MY Creator, and realize that He created. That is the first thing which we read about Him.  "In the beginning God created...."  Later it tells us that He created humans in His image.  I think that says more about us than we can ever truly understand.  However, I realized today another facet of that statement.  He gave us that desire to create as well.  I have come to believe that everyone has the desire to create, weather they realize it or not.  And by create I mean not simply artwork, music, drama, writing, or anything else mentioned as a 'creative art'.  But anything that was not here to start with.  My grandmother spoke once of tinkering in the flowerbeds, as something which she loved to do and something which I would do once I grew up.  Gardening is not my niche and that fact once saddened me.  Now I realize that it, however, was one of her creative outlets, one which was not a necessity, but rather an enjoyment.  I think that rather she realized it or not she was not speaking of flower gardens but rather creating. Scrapbooking is to me like her flower gardens were to her.  I must get that table set up!

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momstheword said...

I think we all like to express ourselves and create beauty in our own ways. For me, I enjoy organizing and cleaning. I love it (well, I love organizing and i love a clean house). To my friend it is a chore and she hates cleaning. However, she can spend hours sewing!