Sunday, August 02, 2009

Interesting Experience

WE have been getting better and better about using our reusable grocery bags at the stores.  I have quite a collection of them from various stores and in various sizes.  My absolute favorite are the big tan ones from Krogers.  They are sturdy and hold quite a bit in them.  They also have a pocket inside for things like magazines etc.

When we go in they are normally folded and stuffed in one bag that makes for easy carrying and the checker or bagger can easily pull out one or two at at time to use.

I have also discovered that Kroger gives you a 3 cent per bag discount on your total. Not much but hey every little bit helps.

Well, I tonight, I had only Alli with me and we needed a few department store things as well as groceries so, I braved it and drove past two other grocery stores to the SuperCenter.  When we got to the check out she handed the cashier the bags.  I sat there and watched as the cashier picked through all my bags and found my Wal-Mart bags.  The only non-WM bag she used was the tan Kroger bags, which I realized later had NO store logo on them whatsoever only "EarthSound" which is their green logo, but it doesn't say Kroger on it. 

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