Thursday, December 28, 2006

It is my Anniversary.....

My hubby woke me up with a whispered "Happy Anniversary" and he as said it several times today.

And several of my W@H sisters sent wishes ~ It helps that another one shares an anniversary with me lol! ~ Thank you So very much girls~~ I love you each and every one!

However, that is it. No one else has said a word today - both of my parents, my sister, and my best friend all called today and did not mention one thing about my anniversary. I am trying very hard not to be upset but it isn't working very well. Only one person that was there 10 years ago remembered - as well he should - but no one else.........

None of them read this blog either so I won't be guilting them into a

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Allison said...

Happy anniversary--a little late. I'm sorry I don't get here more to comment. I struggle to get comments made on Xangas (especially since I began working and then with everything else that's going on now), but then I forget that you are really here and not on Xanga! I'm sorry.

RYC: With a parent that young, you just don't anticipate having this experience at this point in life. My parents are a year and two years older than my FIL, and they seem way too young to face a terminal illness. Obviously, they're not. It's a sobering thought.

Thanks for your continued visits to my page and concern for us!