Sunday, December 03, 2006

Interactive Faith Builders

How do you display the joy and peace that Christ has filled you with? How do you use the gifts that He has trusted you with to heap joy on those around you?

I admit I haven't done well with this in the last few weeks and months, especially Saturday night through Sunday afternoon/evening. I get so so SO bogged down in listening to the enemy and not remembering the promises and lessons of my Savior. So I am going to change up the question somewhat to fit where I am now and what I am learning and to challenge myself to do it.

How can you display the joy and peace that Christ has filled you with? How can you use the gifts that He has trusted you with to heap joy on those around you?

From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. These were Jesus' words, in teaching his disciples and in turn us. And therein lies the key for me. Not only will my mouth speak but my whole countenance will portray what is inner most in my heart.

Case in point, this morning I was in a foul mood. It all boiled down to one point; I didn't want to be in church. I don't really have an explanation or reason why, I just didn't. Oh I know that that the deeper reason was the fact that the enemy didn't want me there. He wanted me to miss a blessing, an opportunity to serve, or an opportunity to be a blessing or some sort of combination of the three. I didn't say a word about it the fact that I didn't want to be there. I even tried to work and act as if it were any other Sunday. However, what I was really concentrating on was how I didn't want to be there, what a crummy Sunday morning I had had and where I really wanted to be, home in bed. I was even allowing my mind to wander into some unwholesome areas. Yet I tried to maintain somewhat of a 'cover' and sing the words, participate in the service, teach my class. After the service, we were all getting ready to leave, I thought I had made it. Yet, Mrs. Minnie a dear soldier of our corps came over to me and gave me a hug and asked how I was doing. She said I seemed "down in the dumps" I didn't have anyone fooled and I knew it. But I really didn't care.

So to answer the question. How can I display the joy and peace that Christ has filled me with? By saying "No!" to these negative thoughts and concentrate on the joy and peace that God has given me. Yes, it will be hard, especially in the beginning. However, I know from practice that the more I do it the easier it gets.

The second part of the question is a bit tougher. In order to use the gifts I have to be sure of them myself. Which is what I am working on in the first section. However, I can NOT just sit by and concentrate on only myself. To do that would not be growing and stretching myself. Nor would it be obeying the instruction to our gifts to serve others. So I need to decide on practical ways to use these gifts that God has bestowed on me.

Stay tuned.....


Erna said...

Great thoughts Maria. I admit that I too have to say, "No" to the negative thoughts that can come our way. Knowing our gifts in order to use them is also important. Thanks for joining in on the Faith Lifts Meme, I enjoyed your sharing. It also challenged me and how true it is that what is in our heart spills out. Gotta run!

janice said...

Thanks for your honest, challenging post Maria! I can relate for sure!

So nice to have you joining in the meme today :)

Jenean said...

Very honest thoughts, Maria! :)I can totally understand how you felt that last Sunday. I feel like that just about every Sunday. Not so much like I don't want to be there, but because I work graveyard sometimes I just want to come home and not go through the whole rigamarole of getting the kids and myself to church (without my husband) for another Sunday. Usually, after I get there, though, there is always, always something that encourages me and makes me glad that I went.

I find that when I take a prayer walk in one of my favorite places it rejuvenates my heart so that I can give to others. Do you have a favorite place for just you and God?