Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just Say No!

How many of you remember when that phrase was in it's hay day at the risk of telling me your age a simple yes or no is sufficient. You don't have to tell me you were in elementary school in the mid '80's. Anyway that has been going through my mind in the last few days.

You see I have been through a cycle of emotional downswings and lows. It has been coming on for awhile but something seemingly simple triggered a new cycle of lows. I sat and went through a laundry list of perceive failures getting worse on myself with each one. I finally thought it would be easier if I just left.

But you know what? I have a wonderful husband and an even better God. In conversations the last two nights my husband just wouldn't let me degrade myself any longer. He wouldn't let me show him why, what I thought and did didn't matter. And my God, he wouldn't let me voice the words "Would it be better if I just left?" Not because I my husband would have let me leave. But because it would hurt him terribly if I mentioned the prospect. God also knew if the words had voice they would be out there hovering over any and every conversation we had in the future and could possibly affect decisions later on. So the words went unuttered and are safely out of reach of the Satan and his minions, he can whisper in my ear but can't work any more damage through my words. Now I must work on the directive in 2 Corinthians 10:5 . And say no Satan when he whispers those thoughts in my ear.


Stacey said...

(((hugs))) Girlfriend, I understand and am praying! You are wonderful and amazing and incredible where you are, as you are!

stephanie said...

(((Maria))) I've been where you are thinking ... sometimes it seems easier to leave and start over, but that is so not God's plan. Praying for you so! And so glad your husband is not letting you talk like that (or God!) :)

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Yes, I remember "Just Say No!"

And you're so right to "Just Say No!" to the devil when he's filling your mind with negative nonsense.

I also struggle with negative self-talk... and it is tough to beat. But do hang in there and keep fighting it!

All the best,