Saturday, July 22, 2006

It is Saturday again.......

I wish I could actually sit down and post when I had things running through my mind instead of grasping at straws when I do have time to post. I guess I need a running blog list and jot down things when they come to me and then I would have blog fodder when it I actually have time to post I have ideas to write.

This week has been different for me. I interviewed with the private school again Tuesday afternoon. I heard back from the principal Friday afternoon. She wants to hire me but is unsure of the numbers and weather or not they will have enough to create the another class. She thinks so and is praying about it but asked that I wait a week until she can make a determination on the numbers. I said I would. What else am I going to say? I have other resumes out, but no open interviews right now. Just as she said I am beliving God for the opening. I am completly at peace on having to wait, but get impatient on wanting to know. Does that make senses. God has been saying "Be still and wait" and "I know the plans I have for you" over and over so that is what I am striving to do. I think, however, that I am slipping into a school mindset once again. I keep thinking of things I will get to do and trying to plan things so that I won't get stressed out in the classroom or at home.

I have also been semi-preping my oldest two to start thinking of going to school. For the oldest it is somewhat easier than the middle one. She has been in a classroom setting before. But this time it will be so much different for her because she will be making the jump from kindergarten to second grade as it were. She will be fine I believe, the curriculum will be a much better fit for her ( an me for that matter ) and she won't be so far ahead of her classmates.

The other one is a different story. Even if we didn't homeschool last year, this would still be his first in the classroom. He was asking his sister about what all would be going on and of course she was more than happy to tell him. I think he will be okay as well but not quite as confident about it.


MichelleD said...

I keep hearing a similar, "Be still and wait" message from God recently. We know God has a ministry position for Sean, and that God has told us that we'll be moving by the end of the summer...we don't know where or exactly when we're going. And the summer's end keeps getting closer.

I'm with you, girl.

janice said...

I am sure they will both do just fine. You will be supporting them and helping them and they will be ok.

sending prayers and hugs your way...