Sunday, July 02, 2006

Around the house on Sunday

Tomorrow we will be headed to my MIL's. It is because of some money she sent us earlier that we are able to make the trip. We will be able to see hubby's sister and her husband before they make their move to Oklahoma. While that isn't terribly far away it is still further than they are presently and my kids won't be able to see their cousins quite as often. So we are glad to be able to make this trip for the holiday, maybe we will get to see some fireworks as well. I'd rather watch a city display than shoot off our own.

Last night we had the Parkers over for dinner (don't be jealous Lori). They are our new officers. Our kids hit it off really well for the most part, in fact their middle child wanted come back over today after church. I haven't had that happen before. Our service this morning was small, we were missing a couple of regulars that are out of town. As I mentioned before every pastorate change we have had in our small, relatively new congreagation has had negitive vibes on the leaving or the incoming sides, this one has had none of those. While we miss the Lucas' and their minstry already, we are glad that they have had the opportunity to move and mister elsewhere. And we are so glad that the Parkers are here as well, it is wonderful to have more than our children consistanly in church.

I got word this week that I wasn't selected for a job that I interviewed for last week. This one was for a director in a new day care starting up in the church my mom and sister attend. I am so glad that God's voice was evident in this or I would have been crushed. I am really okay with the decision. While I would have liked to have a chance at the job, because it was something that I felt I could do but haven't had the chance to do, there were many other things that would have been difficult for us, like moving, especially away from a town with a Salvation Army corps. That move would have effectivly ended our chances of moving into ministry right now. So we are going to concentrate on our involovement in our own corps and praying that God will work out the details for us to be more active there, which is one of the things that will be looked at as we move onward.

I still have one other job that I have interviewed for. This one is for a classroom teacher postioin at a local private school, there is one and up to three openings. The one for sure is a kindergarten classroom. There quite possibly will be a second kindergarten class and another first grade class, in addition to the one that they already have. When speaking with the principal, I was thrilled to hear the numbers they would accept into a class, much better than the 28 in my last first grade class. I also don't think I would have the problem with a hindu as a classroom aide as I did that last year either. There appears to be much better stability in this school, unlike my last one that had 3 different pricipals during the seven years I was there. I loved that school, the faculty was wonderful and the parents were supportive, but it lacked stability in leadership. I will know something about that this week. I feel good about the interview, and know that I am qualified for it. So we wait.

I am also going to mail in another resume tomorrow, to our library, for a full time aide. I don't have the hours for an 'official' librarian, but would love a chance to work in the library if I don't have a classroom job.

Well that is a long update, but I wll try to do better ............

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janice said...

Glad to hear you are at peace about that job. I din't know you had decided to go back to work. Will you be working full time again? How do you feel about that?

I hope all goes well with the job hunt and the right position for you comes.

God bless!! :)

PS - hope you have a great time with your family :)