Friday, June 30, 2006

Everyday Things

Jules over at Everyday Mommy has a new endeavor, a weekly topic on everyday things. Read more about it here.

This weeks Everyday thing is my children's health. I take it so much for granted. We don't have doctor appointments, therapy appointments, specialist appointments, or any other kind of appointments that we have to schedule our lives around. Not that I wouldn't do it in a heartbeat if it was needed. But thankfully I don't have to. With the exception of a trip two weeks ago for shots and checkups with both boys we haven't darkened the door of a medical office or clinic for for any of the kids for more than routine checkups since youngest had some sort of virus as a baby. Before that it was when the middle child was cleared after 48 hours in the hospital with croup at 19 months.


Glass Half Full said...

I was shocked when I read this because my "everday tomato" was SO similar! There is nothing I want more than to have healthy children that, quite frankly, also produces healthy parents. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Beck said...

Good choice. Having healthy children is a blessing that we shouldn't take for granted!

janice said...

that is such a blessing!! my son has been quite healthy too, despite early kidney concerns. Julia - ny niece has had more health concerns and in her first year has had many appoint and therapy appoints.
good health is definitely one of the greatest blessings this side of heaven!!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Yes, definitely something that I take for granted.

Lori said...

Yes, when we've had chronic periods of illness, it just sucks the life right out of the family. Right now my oldest and the two youngest are having a few problems. We have 3 doctors' appointments this week...sigh!