Sunday, June 04, 2006

LBY week 10

Okay I am going to type off the cuff here. I don't really have a planned post. I just finished the video and rededication. Self-control hit me hard this week. This week, however, I expected a lesson. I knew self control would be a big issue with me. After all, how much time do I waste infront of a computer screen? How many times have I hit the snooze bar on the alarm, or flat out didn't set the alarm? Yes those two areas are the areas I expected to be hit in and yes I got some lessons in those areas.

I talked earlier in the week about an answer to a question. Somewhere I was answering a question about my husband. I said I wanted him to take my call home seriously, as a real carreer, not that I 'get to' stay home and not work. Homemaking is a LOT OF WORK. I know I am preaching to the choir on that one here, but you know what I mean. Somewhere deep in my soul, God said to me, he will take it seriously when you take it seriously. Whoa, wait a minute, I take it seriously, I quit a good job for this, etc. You know the routine. He is reminding my now as I type this of a lesson I had in Bible Study some time back. I forgot the exact reference in the Old Testament, but the point was this, God wants obedience not sacrifice. Yes God's Will will require us to sacrifice ourselves, our own wants and desires, to follow Him, but He wants our focus to be on obedience not on what we are giving up. On the DOING, not the leaving. Okay back to me takning this seriously. If I want my hubby to take my job at home as my calling, I must do the same thing. He isn't going to see it as more than 'getting to' stay home until I show him that is not what it is, but that it is my role in this family. Which means I must allow the Holy Spirit to control my self and allow Him to move my steps in such a way that that happens. Which will mean less, but more structured computer time and yes fairly set hours of wake and sleep. Tomorrow, or to be honest later this morning, won't be good either, considering that it is 12:23 AM as I type now. But with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will be getting up earlier in the morning.

Then Beth hits on the temple in the video. At first, it didn't get to me badly, after all I am NOT obessed with the food I eat or don't eat, with working out or being thin. Just not a poragative for me. Then came the specturm, you fall somewhere in between total negelct and total obsession. Ummmm neglect, that is an issue......ummmmmmm I am not sure I want to go there Lord.........not that I neglect to but food in my body..... but working out, choosing healthier foods, drinking water..............not doing those things are negelcting................ ummm..........I said I wasn't sure I wanted to go there Lord....... can't we just leave it at not being obsessed with the being thin part, not having to be made up every or sometimes any day.............Ummm okay, okay, I hear you stop neglecting your you will just have to give me the time and the freedom or get creative with child care while I work on some of these things.............

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janice said...

really good thoughts about taking your job as a SAHM seriously. that is so true! he will take it more seriously when he sees those changes in you. but that ain't easy is it?

oh - by the way, I will be back tomorrow for Tackle It Tuesday. I put your link in my post, but I will be also adding Mr Linky.

talk soon :)