Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday

This works for me Wednesday tip is back in the kitchen/dining room again. Our dining table is an antique table that came from my MIL's. It is a beautiful table and large enough for my family, which is why we gave her our old table that only seats four. Anyway, the chairs didn't come with said table. We have been through several different options with our chairs, old thrift store chairs, metal folding chairs, padded covered folding chairs. These all had issues that made them not quite work with our table. Mostly they were too low to properly lift my small 5'2" frame to the proper height to the table. And our children who are, for the mean time, shorter than I am, well....... forget it.

Finally my mom, (sorry no link she doesn't blog), found us four nice dining table chairs at a yard sale. They fit me. Yeah!! But not my children, and there were only four of them, my family size is five.

Looking around my kitchen for alternatives I discovered that our trusty high chair has, not only a removable tray, but also a removable support for the tray. I took both of those off and can slide the chair right up to the table. Problem solved for the toddler!

For the other two, my mom came to the resuce again. She and my dad, just recently moved and had no need of their barstools at their new house. These were nice chair type stools with backs. They brought them to me and they work wonderfully for the older two children. And I have an extra couple of chairs for the infrequent dinner guests that we have.

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Praying for your Prodigal said...

Love your creativity. Those extra chairs will be valuable for those extra, unexpected guests!


Joy said...

Hi Maria! I like your idea!
Have a great day!!

janice said...

great creativity! necessity is truly the mother of invention. I love those bar stools with the backs on them. good work :)

Tami said...

Hi Mom... Just wanted to thank you for your note regarding my mini-mini series on homemaking. I really appreciate your kindness.
- Tami Ellison