Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tackle It Tuesday

Today's Tackle it Tuesday was my boys room. They have about a 1000 each of things like : Duplo/legos, toy tools, toy cars, Veggie Tale toys, Little People and blocks you get the picture. Not to mention the bigger toys. Well when a four year old and a two year old are allowed free reign for two whole hours you can imagine the chaos that ensues. So we decided to work together to clean and straighten everything up.

Now my two year old know we have bins for everything and can tell which bin something goes in by the color, but when momma decides to change things up it takes some getting used to. But change we did. Now they have those little plastic 3 drawer shelf units to fit everything into. They stack nicely and roll from one place to another easy access and clean up. They now have Little People in one drawer, cars in another, blocks in another, Veggie Tales in another, toy tools in the tool box, and the bins on the lego table are just for legos.

Wish I had pictures but am still praying for digital camera!

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Think Pink Dana said...

i have found that the EASIER it is for the kids to put it away the MORE inclined they are to do it (before you turn into a screaming banshee!)

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

The rolling drawers sound like a great idea. Keeping toys put away is such a constant chore that anything that helps a little is worth it.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Talk soon,

Mona said...

I rememember going through my boys room and organizing toys! What a chore, way to go for grabbing it and getting it done!!

Keep it up!