Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen I am looking forward to when I go back to the classroom.
(No I haven't heard anything yet. I am thinking optimistically here) ;-)

  1. New School
  2. Another teacher on my grade level.
  3. ABeka Curriculum
  4. Begining the Day with Bible Class
  5. Memorize Bible Verse a week.
  6. Chapel Services geared towards children
  7. Journals
  8. Creative Writing
  9. A Poem a Day
  10. Math Facts
  11. Science from a Biblical Perspective
  12. Social Studies with a Christian Influence
  13. An opportunity to teach another grade sometimes.

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armywife said...

i miss #5 and am so glad for it now than i'm an adult. there are just so many times that i am weary and a verse just pops into my head. it wouldn't if i hadn't have learned so many of them as a youngster!

i've also posted 13 at

Mama Duck said...

Sounds like a great school!! Happy TT!!

WendyWings said...

School goes year round here the long break is in Dec/January.
Math facts shudder, not my thing at ALL


Those are nice 13 things to learn.
My Thursday Thirteen is up too and hope you'll enjoy the tour.

Janet ( said...

thinking optistically is a good thing!

My 13's up, but be's not child friendly!

Kimmy said...

All 13 sound great to me!
Thinking positive for you...
My 13 are up!

Mommy Dearest said...

Good luck!

Kailani said...

Great list! I can see why you want to go back! Happy T13!

Raggedy said...

The school sounds great!
My TT is up

Anonymous said...

memorizing Bible verses is really good. that's nice.
my list is up!

KarenW said...

I taught for 6 years and never had another teacher on my grade level. That would have been nice.

Carmen said...

who wouldn't love creative writing and journaling? ;)

Barbara said...

Great list. Almost that time again.

Gail said...

Good things for schools anywhere, liked your list.

Stacy said...

Sounds like a really good environment for kids and teachers alike. :)

Have a great Thursday, mine is up too...

Shari said...

Is this a school, or do you homeschool? Either way, it sounds exciting! Hope you get the answer you're looking for!

My very first Thursday Thirteen is up. So far, so fun!

janice said...

I am so happy for you that you are excited about going back. It sounds like there will be many blessings there. Hope it all works out :)

~Ageless~ said...

It is cute when they repeat things, until one day when they say something that surprises you or embaresses you.