Friday, July 07, 2006

I washed a pickle

My g randfather makes and cans his own pickles. They are big thick slices of sweet and sour pickles. I love them. And there are NO duplicates. Anyway, one day my daughter dropped and spilled the pickle keeper on the floor outside of the fridgrr. We grabbed a towel and cleaned up the mess. I threw the towel in my laundry hamper I keep in the pantry for the kitchen towels etc... When the time came to do that load of laundry, I did as I usually did and picked up the hamper and dumped it in the washer. When it was finished, I went to transfer to the dryer and as I finished the putting the load in the dryer, in the bottom of the washer was 2 pickle slices.


Stacey said...

At least you didn't dry it! I can't imagine how bad cooked pickle would make your things smell!! :)

Leann said...

I will not eat them in the car
I will not eat them from a jar

I will not eat them from a store
I will not eat them from the floor

I will not eat them here or there
I will not eat them anywhere...


We are packing for our trip and I am going to be offline for the rest of the weekend starting in about five minutes so I am missing our chat. So sorry but there is WAY TOO MUCH TO DO!!!

Feel free to e-mail me next week 'cause I will check that. (((HUG))) I love ya girlie!!!

Beck said...

Very clean pickle slices! I often dump vinegar into extra-smelly washes, so I imagine that they would have worked the same way...

Musical Mommy said...

In response to Leann's comment:

Try them and you may I say :)