Friday, July 14, 2006

Everyday Things

My Everyday thing this week are good God loving, God fearing, Seeking to serve Officers.

As some of you know, my family is a member of The Salvation Army. Many people don't know that the history of the Army, and the fact that it started out as a church and is still a thriving Bible teaching, God loving, God serving church. In reference to the term "Army" in our title, we use military terms for many things, our churchs are called corps and our ministers are called officers. Which brings me to my topic for the day.

The corps we are members (or soldiers) of is relativly young, only about 10 years old. And about half of that time we have been in turmoil, because our leadership was in personal turmoil. And as many of you know first hand, when the leadership staff of a church is in personal turmoil it flows out to the rest of the church, wreaking havoc on every day life in everything it does. After several leadership changes in the last few years, we have finally begun to heal. Most of it was started with our last set of officers and for the first time in 10 years we have had a change of officership that wasn't forced and has been totally natural. Capt. Luke and Annette have been wonderful to get to know and share our vision for the church. I am so happy to have them here.


Susanne said...

We have some family members in the Salvation army, too. And I'll always remember all the army's help when we were trying to locate a self-imposed "missing" aunt in Australia.

zoe said...

Oh do I ever understand about personal stuff on the part of leadership affecting the rest of the church. We have team leadership that is in turmoil and for so long they were saying "Oh look the body is in turmoil, and it's so stressful it's causing us to eb in turmoil" then they finally started to get their heads around that it worked the other way, and are workign hard on their relationships.

Meredith said...

How neat! I know of many of the good works the Salvation Army does in my own city, yet I never knew it was a church in which whole families were members. Thanks for sharing!