Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An explanation

Reading a comment on my previous post, I realized that I had not talked alot here about what is going on in my life, and why I am going back to work, or at least trying to.

For the past school year I have been a stay at home / homeschooling mom. I have loved it. It has been wonderful for me and my family. It was a great learning expereience where I learned alot about myself, my children, and my husband and our dynamics as a family.

The step to get there was, I believe a God directed step. I decided early on the year before, that I would be home the next year. I kept that information to myself as I worked through the first sememster that year. Finally through a series of powerful messages, given in different ways, I realized that God was asking me to trust Him and state my intentions publically. I jumped at the chance and talked to my husband. He relunctanly agreed. I had what I felt I needed. God's direction and my husbands approval. I talked to my pricipal after returning in January, and told the staff early in March. I was ready to come home.

The fall came and our income was cut basically in half. It was lean but we made it for awhile, until the fateful day in December when my husband lost his job. The reasons aren't important here but needless to say when the sole income is cut out things get tight very fast!

In the last six months we have learned a LOT about God's provision. I told some of that earlier. Another lesson I have learned is on submission. I will go into it more later but basically the gist of my learnings. Yes there is a biblical role for each member of the family, many people, including me believe that is for the wife to stay at/ work from home to be there to educate and take care of the family, there is not a direct command for this in scripture. However, there is a direct command for wives is to submit to their husbands. Yes there are many ramifications to that directive, that I am not going into here right now, but one is prime right now, I need to submit and be willing to what my husband asks (as long as it isn't unscriptural) and trust God to fix the mess if my husband is wrong in his directive. So 3 weeks ago when my husband asked me to start putting out resumes of my own, I willingly complied. Yes I said willingly. By this time, I had already realized some of the things I was doing were not fair to my family. So I was and am willing to go back to work to help support my family. I am looking at this as a season in our lives, preferably allowing my husband to get back on his feet in a career so that he can support us all once again and I can come home. However, I will be willing to listen to God and my husband follow their directions.

Meanwhile please pray for my husband to find a good job/career and for the interview I have coming up.


Formia said...

You all are in my prayers. *hugs*

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You know I'm praying girl

There is a time for everything under the sun...I <3 you!!

~ Patricia said...

It will be my pleasure to pray for you and your family, Maria. Thank you so much for your comments in my post about being a godly mil. I would appreciate your prayers for me in that, as well! Love and blessings in Christ ~ Patricia