Friday, December 29, 2006

Postie Patrol Strikes Again

This is hilarious! PayPerPost has the Postie Patrol where various Posties -- that'd be people like me who post ads for companies via PayPerPost -- compete to win various prizes. On this one Robin was on a trek to win Digital Photo Printing gear from HP.

The video was so fun to watch. It had everything from crazy stunts to snow angels in the middle of Chicago -- in windchill of -9* btw -- to my favorite, of course, Salvation Army Bell Ringers. In fact that was the only trademark, besides HP or PayPerPost of course, that I saw in the video.

Would I do something like this? Humm...... I don't know, I am not very outgoing. Of course the motivation of HP gear and a cash prize -- would that be enough to get over my fear? I don't know. Go watch the video and see if you could picture me doing things like that. Let me know.

HP sponsored this post!

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