Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Online Games

IT is time for Christmas break. I have 2 whole weeks of sleeping in, no kids, no lesson plans, no picky eaters...... who am I kidding? I am a mom with 3 kids used to getting up early, and one of which is a VERY picky eater..... anyway I do have some downtime. This morning I was blog hopping and discovered this Christmas online games. What a wonderful way to kill even more time online. There is the Elf Toss Game where you see how far you can have a team of two elves launch a third elf across a frozen pond and the Greet Santa Game where you try to steal presents from Santa. My favorite is the Gingerbread Hangman Word Puzzle! It is hilarious to watch him get eaten, I actually threw the game to watch it.

What is more, this links to Blue Mountain eCards and the games double as said eCards. You can also sign up for a month free trial of for the eCard service.

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