Monday, December 11, 2006


How many times have birthday's and anniversaries and other special days just slipped up on me? I mean, if it wasn't for my daughter's incessant daily reminders I probably would have let her birthday slip up on me last month. Did I tell you she was 8 now? LOL

Anyway, I have found this awesome online calendar, put out by American Greetings, that lets me add birthday's and anniversaries and other important events to my own personal calender. I can then set reminders to be sent to me when I want them, from the day of to 30 days before. You can even have 2 reminders sent. One in time to send a card and a second one the day of, so you can send an e-card, straight from the site I might add. These reminders can be sent to your email, my preferred choice, or to your cell phone. All of these choices are made by the click of your mouse and the site is so user-friendly it didn't take me long to add about 20 birthdays and several anniversaries for the coming year.

The service requires you to sign up, but it is FREE, my favorite price tag. And all personal info is kept confidential.

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