Thursday, December 21, 2006

It is more blessed to give......

....than to receive.

A dear friend referenced this in her post just tonight. And I thought about it when I read that PayPerPost, or more specifically Ted at PayPerPost has the great HP cameras to give away. I want to win one of these cameras.

Up until a month of so ago, I would have kept it for myself, however, I have been gifted with an awesome digital camera and memory stick. So I don't need it anymore. However, if I were to win this camera offered, I would be able to give it to someone else so that that person could share some awesome digital photos with her loved ones. I even have someone in mind who really wants one, however, I can't reveal her name because I want it to be a surprise and I am pretty sure she reads my blog. However, I do know she has a wonderful opportunity to take and show off some pretty good pictures coming up in July. She would also be able to show us more of her wonderful service dog who is so cute and so helpful to her. What an awesome wedding gift this would be for her. Humm.... I could even take it to her and help take candid shots at the event itself......

This post is brought to you by HP

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