Thursday, December 28, 2006

Job Hunting in the 21st Century

This time last year my husband was looking for work. He had just begun a process that lasted for more than 10 months. We learned a lot about ourselves and about the job market in this area.

We worked on his paper resume, posted online resumes, filled out paper applications, and online ones as we searched high and low for something full filling and worthwhile for him.

There is something new on the job searching horizon -- Audio Resumes. You can Learn More About Audio Resume here.

You simply call and answer questions related to yourself and then are given a unique link to place on your resume. Potential employers can go to the link and listen to your responses. Another great way to make a good impression before ever having seen anyone in person. Good first impressions lead to more chances for second and third impressions, and more chances to be hired.

All of this for only $9.95 a good investment for your future.

This is a sponsored post.

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