Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Celebrating a Year of Abundance

Sallie, over at A Gracious Home, has a wonderful post. She speaks of Celebrating a Year of Abundance. It is a simple concept really. She wants to limit her spending as much as possible and concentrate on using what she already has. I like the concept. I am a bad one to go out looking for something to to a project or to finish one up rather than using what I already have. Two areas I am especially bad in this are my crafting, particularly cross-stitch and my new found love of stamping, and cooking.

With my crafting, I am always wanting to try something new or just plain old get bored with a project and start different one. I am going to finish things I already have started and not buy any more things to start new ones, the one exception to be made will be card stock and or ink -- once I have used up all I have now -- because well, that IS consumable.

With cooking, I have never been one to sucessfully be able to put things together and come up with a good dish. My husband is wonderful at this, so I have a built in tutor in this area. I will also work on substitutions that will work for the missing ingredient. If something just CAN'T be substituted. I will have to go without. I will make my menus and grocery shop once a week. With my normal school schedule I can't do it any other way. It will also stop those 'I'm to stressed to figure out what to cook, let alone cook it, let's eat out nights.

Just as Sallie is planning, I am planning on periodic updates on my progress and changes as they occur,

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