Thursday, December 21, 2006

December Declarations

I am late again on the December Declarations -- so here goes 11 more, since I las posted these on the 10th :-).

* God has placed me in the absolute best situation for work AND educating my children
* I have healthy, intelligent children that bless me daily with their knowledge and love of the Lord
* I am imaginative and that can be used to glorify HIM
* I am inquisitive and desire to research and learn more about my God
* I have a wonderful husband that supports me in everything I do
* I have a great family that holds me to a high standard
* I am creative and love to work with my hands
* I am an inspiration to others (man that one is hard to believe sometimes.)
* I am motivated to help others
* I am a blessing to others (That is another on that is hard to believe sometimes.)
* I am a good wife and mother.

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Debs said...

Happy Christmas :-)