Saturday, December 23, 2006

PayPerPost Video

I have been blogging for payperpost for a couple of weeks. You know those sponsored posts you keep seeing. They pay me to advertise on my blog for different companies. Some of the sites I wouldn't have seen if it wasn't for payperpost, other sites I have seen and used before but the difference is I will get paid to write. So yeah it is a little cheesy, but I get to write, which I actually like doing, and I get paid for it, something I never dreamed would happen. It is a start. I get to choose the opportunities I write about and see the websites I promote before I do it.

In previewing an opportunity I got to sit and watch this video:

\It is all about Payperpost moving into their new office space. You can see these are real live people, that work in a real office, whose taste in office colors are a little bright. I am impressed with the professionality (is that a word?) of the employees shown and glad that they shared some of their experiences.

This of course is a sponsored post.

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