Monday, January 01, 2007

Photos anyone?

I mentioned earlier that I got a digital camera for Christmas -- I actually have a Christmas photo post in draft form I am working to post sometime. But now I am looking through the pictures I have taken for another reason. I want to enter the 2006 Photograph of the Year contest, sponsored by Why not? Not only is there the prestige of winning a national contest, voted on by your peers, there are also $14,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. There are some awesome photography sponsors behind the contest. All offering services and cash to the winners.

Photography Corner is a forum of photographers from brand new newbies, that would be me, to some really excellent experienced people. They will all have help and advice for you at any level .

So if you are thinking of entering go see How It Works. Then check out the rules. Find the one picture of which you are most proud. But don't take too long the TimeLine is running quickly, you only have until the 12th to submit something. Check out How To Submit a Photograph.

I know of several of you that are photographers out there that could join in on the fun. Wouldn't it be great if one of the W@H girls won the big prize?

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Bethany said...

Bummer. I read this too late!! I love taking pictures, although I'm not terribly good at it. Well, compared to some of my favorite photographers on flickr anyway.

thebassman said...

Thanks for the great sponsored post! Voting has now started for the contest!