Monday, January 01, 2007

Getting going

I am dreaming big after all what are goals but dreams with deadlines?

This year I aspire to accomplish........
in no particular order other than how my mind is working......

-- organized budget, bill paying, debts paid off completely with the only exception being house and van (by the end of 2007 the house and van will take a bit longer lol), bills paid on time, giving on track

-- organized spiritual life, more study, prayer, one on one time with GOD

-- organized home life, clean out clutter, set up home making notebook, get started/ continue with crafting, make many gifts from the heart this year, start scrapping journaling my kids scrap books

-- personal contacts -- I realized with my Christmas Cards this year how many people I have lost contact with and or don't correspond with except at Christmas. I aim to better that this year.

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Jamie said...

Is it me, or is everyone organizing for their asperations/resolutions? I suppose it must have always been this way...except for some reason I'm feeling it this year. I feel all "nesty" while also feeling as if I want things completed...not just finished. I want to fold up and put away so much for good...and open windows wide to let fresh air into my life. Being OCD, I'm trying to stay away from lists (a very OCD thing) of things to do (as in organize). But I want to make little goals for reading, weight, exercise, study and teaching. Something I did that is very so not anything to anyone, was to start clicking through to people's blogs rather than just quietly read via bloglines. A lot of personality is missed by not "seeing" someone's site, I guess. But, even if I don't comment, I think some blog tracking device allows the blogger to know I visited. I suppose that's what I want this year, to accomplish in my let people know I'm there.