Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tackle It Tuesday

Janice over at 5 Minutes for Mom has started a new meme in the spirit of all the spring cleaning and decluttering going on around called ....................you guessed it Tackle It Tuesday!

The idea is to pick a big project and post before and after pictures. Seeing as I don't have a digital camera I will have to post before and after word pictures.


Imagine a chest of drawers, with four drawers, set in the corner of the room, right next to the open closet door. Each drawer had things sticking up and out of it. The top two are almost closed except for the odd sleeve or coller sticking out. The bottom two are opened slightly wider, partially blocking the closet entryway, with pants legs and more sleeves sticking out and over the sides. Once you have taken all this in, step back slightly and look on top of said chest.
Now you see two stacks of boxes. On the left side, the one closest to the wall there are three boxes. On the far right two more boxes are stacked. Balanced precariously on top and across both sets of boxes is a small Razorback costume and other assorted baby clothes. Standing between the boxes in a makeshift bookcase are a stack of craft leaflets and books, mostly cross stitch but others as well.

The Goal:

Clean off the top of the top of the chest.

  • put baby clothes away in keepsake drawer
  • cull out things to sell
  • store the rest in an easy to get to method (the contents of most of the boxes are pictures and momentos to be scrapbooked)
Clean out the drawers.
  • Empty each drawer
  • Again cull out things for said sale
  • fold what is left
  • put back in a predetermined order
  1. short sleeve shirts, with collars on the left, without (good T shirts) onthe right
  2. long sleeve shirts, sweat shirts and long sleeve T's on the left, sweaters on the right
  3. shorts
  4. pants and jeans
  • instruct hubby what goes where (this is his chest after all!)

Imagine same chest of drawers. Drawers are now all shut. If you open them you will find the correct contents in each drawer neatly folded, minus the 4 old sweaters, several sweatshirts, 3 or 4 pairs of shorts, and a couple of pairs of pants that are too small in the waist. Now step back the boxes are all consolidated into 3 closed and stacked neatly in the corner. (My next Tackle it Tuesday may involve getting those pictures in some semblence of order for a scrapping date with my sister) There are only 3 leaflets laying on the clean right half of the chest top. The baby clothes have been put in the keepsake drawer on the other side of the room. The rest of the junk has been culled out and taken to my mom's for the yard sale this weekend!


Sandra said...

Sounds like you got a lot done....it's such a great feeling when it's all clean and tidy isn't it?

I just did that with my dressers a few weeks ago :)

Mine is up too :)

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

What a great job, your words are great too, it was like I could see what was going on! I need to "tackle" that one Tuesday...ACK... :)

Good work! Mine is up as well if you care to take a gander! :D

Mom2fur said...

I like the way you broke it up into a list! BTW, do you have a scanner? You could take a regular photo and after you get it developed, you could scan it for us to see later! (PS--Ask for a digital camera next big holiday or birthday. I just got one for Mother's Day and I love it!)

Addie said...

Great job! That sounds like a lot of hard work! The getting stuff ready to sell or get rid of is the part I don't like!

Think Pink Dana said...

i think we are reading the same blogs......

janice said...

WOOWOO!!! Great job! your word pics worked just great too.

so great that you were able to get rid of some of the stuff too. that is always so helpful.

good luck on getting to your scrapbook. my blog has stolen all my scrappin time. i need to get back to it!!

Big high five of victory for you gal!