Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day 4

It has been a tough day. Not so much for me as for my hubby. He had a very bad day at work, working many, many hours for virtually nothing really. That has him very, very frustrated. We talked on the phone several times today and it was very surreal. From the worlds' perspective I should have been very worried and upset. But I had a peace about it all and it was preventing me from worrying. Later the more I dwelt on it I started to get that depression but even then it wasn't as bad as it has been in the past. For that I am thankful, truly thankful.

Another today, actually it is from yesterday, I didn't put down.

Reading Cathie Jo's blog, I discovered that God does have a purpose for even these low spots. I mean I always knew that in my head, after all my life verse is Romans 8:28. But really experiencing this has taught my heart this concept as well. One of the reasons I am glad that I am keeping this journal, an boring you guys in the process, is this documentation of my feelings and emotions through it all. I will have some sort of testimony when we get to the other side. And can honestly say to someone else, I HAVE lived it I KNOW what you are going through. It is easier to relate to some one who really understands where you are.


Formia said...

*hugs* praying

e-Mom said...

You'll make it. You really will.