Sunday, May 28, 2006

LBY Week 9

First of all can I just say that the first week when Beth said that this was the right time for this study, boy was she ever right. It has come at such a crucial time for me that I can without a doubt say that, I NEEDED this study NOW. That also gives me some pause to think 'what is going to happen that I need it twice?' since I am also starting over and going through it again with some of the W@H girls.

Okay when I started, I am thinking Gentleness. I can handle this one. What is so hard about that? The homework starts out with three aspects of gentleness. Day one Submission. Hey I have been working on that one! After all arent' we getting ready to go to seminary? Aren't I staying home and not working? Yep got that one pretty much covered. Then Beth hits with the words "Is your life a tangled mess....for too long?" ummmm...... you mean not letting go and really living now? "Rest in His faithful care....... Allow Hime to comb out the tangles until you are free...... Submit." Okay you have got me there God. I will work on this submission part.

Day two Humility. Okay I know I have that one covered. I am pretty much sure that most people I know are better off or can do it better than me. Putting others first, being humble. Then Beth translates the greek word - it meand "modesty toward self and piety toward God." Hey wait a minute my definiton of humility didn't include God, I better look further. Beth continues "It results from emptying ourselves of self" Sounds alot like the pouring out, she talked of earlier. Or as she explained " a correct estimation of ourselves which results from a correct estimation of our God" In other words, God is God and I am Not. I didn't want my hubby to do his run like he did on Wednesday, but you know what. If he hadn't done them like that I wouldn't be making my insurance payment tomorrow.

Days three, four and five Teachability. Okay, I am not going to be arrogant and say I have this covered after all just look what I learned the first 2 days. The first Word, she brings us to today is James 1 :21, which tells us to accept God's Word. And when I don't accept it, He will use what he can to get it across to me, even a donkey as in Numbers 22, or His judgement as with David in 1 Chronicles 13. And then showed us the Ultimate Teacher, and His commands to us to make disciples and teach them, which isn't the same as preach to them, to preach is to evangalize, to 'get them saved'. To teach is to continue their education.

That is a lot, gentleness involves submission, humilty and teachability. What more is there? And then I get to the video. Gentleness bows, both at the realization that times to come will be a trial, as Christ bowed and came to earth, and after the trials are through, as Job did in in his discussions after Satan's dealings with him.

1. It is more than our words and attitudes. -- we don't just talk the talk we gotta live it!
2. There are things that WILL be difficult -- pain is often what we fear the most
3. There will probably be some deep wounding -- don't dispair God hears you when you cry out, but in His answer the greater YES comes AFTER the earlier no.
4. But after the wounding, He is there to bind. But binding takes time. We must choose to stop and let Him tend to the wounds
5. And the scars that develop from the wounds that were healed are marks of grace and trust. -- See I have been there, I know what you are going through. Touch my hands. Touch my side. I have been there.

Gentleness bows.

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janna said...

Maria - I really loved your overview here and the sincerity which comes through in your writings. This lesson got me too.

janice said...

I kno w- I thought Gentleness would e totally different than what it was. Beth is so great at getting to the real meaning isn't she?

Wonderful summary - and I really appreciate your honesty - good humility!!

flipflop said...

I love that Gentleness bows.

Blair said...

"First of all can I just say that the first week when Beth said that this was the right time for this study, boy was she ever right. It has come at such a crucial time for me that I can without a doubt say that, I NEEDED this study NOW."

Amen, I feel the same way! What a great overview Maria, you made me laugh girl! Gentleness surprised me too :o)