Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Counting the chickens

I have slacked off in posting on my quest. There are a couple of reasons for that, one I got off schedule while I was gone and never got back on schedule. Two, I felt I was rehashing the same thing over and over, and boring ya'll. ~ Yes, I am from the South, I typed ya'll. ~ But then I realized that I was rehashing the same thing over and over, well because God was doing the same thing with me.

You see I am a planner, I 'need' the security of a plan. I need a back-up, a plan B.....and C.... and D..... you get the picture. Not that I always follow that plan, but it has to be there for me to feel secure. Last week I was telling God "we need $X this week to get by" If DH could do 2 railroad runs we would have it. I had it all planned out. By the time Wednesday and Thursday got here time was running out, and I was getting worried, anxious, crabby, all of the above. I cried out to God, "You SAID You had it covered". I was trying to fit God into my mold. Ever tried that...... It.doesn't. work. What I needed to do and finally surrendered to doing was to simply trust Him. Saying, "Okay, You said You had it covered, I don't know how, You are going to do it but I am trusting You to do it somehow." And you know what He did. I listed those ways in my praises the other night. But I realized that though those, we are ahead of where we would be if God had worked according to my plans. Kind of makes me glad that "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts. " Isaiah 55:9 This week has been much better for me. Every time I start to plan things out for God to follow, I have been able to stop and give it over to God right then. And you know what God has been blessing that.

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Blair said...

OH how cool Maria!! What a blessing to read this post today!

thank you so much for sharing about God's faithfulness in your life!