Thursday, May 04, 2006

Okay Here We Go

I have thought about this off and on all day -- and the way my day has gone is it has been more off than on. I have been stuggling with exactly where my place in this family is. No that doesn't sound right. I know I am the wife, mother, teacher, and homemaker. I have no issues with that AT ALL! My questions lie in the finer aspects of these issues. How amd I supposed to go about these things. Not routine/schedule wise, but just being. What am I supposed to do, what are my duties? How do I go about it. What are my reponsibilities and how far do they extend?

I guess I have some pretty spcific questions, right now a big one being, should I continue with Pampered Chef. Should I ask my husband to arrange his schedule around my needs in doing this. It isn't something I can take my children with me to do most of the time and days he has a long run he isn't home to take care of the kids. Now his schedule is such that he doesn't have to take those long runs on days that I need him home. However, it is these long runs that actually make us money and we can't depend on having them popping up when we want them to.


Maria said...

Hi Maria-
Thanks for stopping by and leavign a comment. I have strugggled with this question int he past and I have found that if an opportunity is meant for me to take advantage of the Lord provides a way. Our lives go through many seasons. Right now I am feeling the Lord pulling into my home and I am losing the desire to plan many outside activities. Much is going on around me including the wonderful addition we are expecting in October. Most importantly is to pray and wait on the Lord to show you what His plan is and His desire for you and your family. Following Him always blesses me and my family.

Another Maria

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I have many of the same lately. Wishing my life came with a daily instruction manual, lol.

janice said...

It is hard to decide what to do in these situations.

Do you make a helpful amount with your business? Does your husband want you to continue?

Good luck as you try to figure it out. I will continue to send prayers your way.