Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I must say it

I am a first rate bonafide loser. I have lost my van and house key. I got set to leave for church tonight and couldn't find them. I now have to borrow hubbys and pray that I don't lose them too. The first place I am going is to get a duplicate van key made. After that I will head home, to clean up the house that was clean once today, not that you can tell it now. Do 4 more loads of laundry, in addition to the one that still sits in the washing machine because I have neither the drive nor the inclination to fold what is already in the dryer and move the wet load to the dryer. It has probably already soured anyway. Then I must plan for what I am doing for mom's open house this weekend.


Formia said...

You are so NOT a loser! Sounds like you're having an icky day. I hope tomorrow is GREAT for you. *hugs*

Lauren said...

I hope you found your keys even after you made copies, that way you have lots of extras. :)