Sunday, May 07, 2006

In which I reminiss

I posted about starting my quest back on Thursday and never really went any further with it. I have an excuse life got in the way. More specifically I had a horrible day Friday, that was mostly self inflicted, and spent yesterday preparing for and celebrating my mom and dad's open house. I got to visit with two couples from the town where I grew up. This was the highlight of my trip, well one of them. I spent time with four people who watched me grow up, and learned about the current happenings of their children, with whom I grew up. And discovered, to my delight, that they have as much problems with their kids that I tend to have with my own. My sister is now planning a get together with the origianal three couples, my parents and the other two couples, all 7 of us kids, 6 spouses and all 12 grandchildren ranging in age from 15 to just over 1. That will be a lot of fun, if it ever happens. Knowing my sister however, it will.

I will be back later to post on LBY and some on my discussion with hubby last night, a more direct post to my quest.

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