Monday, May 08, 2006

LBY -- week 6

Patience --

Well to tell you the truth I didn't get a real grasp on Patience until watching the video last night. I am glad I waited to post until after I watched it. It really hit me when Beth started talking about the Lord's patience with respect for ME. He has waited almost 32 years for me to let got and really live for him. I am not there yet, no where near there yet. I am just starting to let go. And having Him convict me every step of the way.

Then she starts talking about point three the end result. God uses those that frustrate us the most to bring out the bad in us so that He can deal with it. There is a blog that I read earlier that talks about the actions of the refiner. A refiner has to watch constantly as the silver is heated to make sure the temprature doesn't ruin the silver. He takes the impurities off as they rise up and knows when his work is complete when the reflection is pure. So it is with God. He watches us constantly to make sure that we aren't ruined. We can take comfort in that fact. He doesn't want to ruin us only purify us. He deals with the impurities as they rise to the surface. and His work will be finished when His refection is Perfect in us.

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BooMama said...

Like you, the week's study didn't really come together for me until I watched the video. And that whole analogy of sandpaper...that we wear down each other's imperfections - has been a huge visual for me this week, even days after the study. Thanks for posting - and for sharing the example about refining, too!

Faith said...

Wonderful post. The video's are so wonderful my favorite part.

Blair said...

Oh, I like the analogy of the "refiner" - I haven't watched the next video yet. I should probably start posting in that order though.

Thanks for your thoughts Maria!

Chaotic Mom said...

Grrrrr... Frustrating people serve a purpose? I KNOW it's true, but my instinct is to avoid them at all costs! ;)

Okay, I'm feeling the need to go back and watch Week 6's video again now...