Monday, May 15, 2006

Apologies, Ammends, Praises and Lessons

My LBY post for this week was very short. Honestly there was a lot to say I just didn't have anything together coherently to say it. I was convicted by reading others' posts that I didn't give it or God the time they deserved. I will take my time and compose the post that should have been there tonight and in the morning and post it tommorrow.

I believe I again, have fallen into the cycle of not really living the Life God called me to live but just playing at it again. And that will end once again. There is so much I want to DO and so much I want to learn. I CANNOT be playing at life and still accomplish all God has for me.

So I will start RIGHT NOW! He deserves the Glory and the praise for several things that have happened in the last few days in our household. They are, in no particular order, other than that is how God called them to my mind.

  • My MIL gave us gas money so that we could make the trip to see her this weekend. It also was enough to pay for the birthday dinner that we had Saturday night for hubby, and helped him to buy gas today for his runs.
  • A dear church friend also gave us some money for our trip.
  • Hubby was guided at the end of last week to approach his runs in a different manner, tis gave us more money this week to put into the bank for some bills looming near.
  • I opened the bill for our vehicle payment today, to get the phone number to call and work out arrangements on the past due portion of it, only to find WE ARE NOT PAST DUE! I have not made our last payement, at least I can find no record of it, and there is no past due balance. The amount due only shows our current month and the due date which is still in the future.
  • So that leaves the money in the account for our current mortgage payment, which I though I couldn't start on until the vehicle payment was paid.
  • All of our family that gave us gifts for our birthdays (his was Sat, mine was Mon) gave us cash and we were able to apply that to necessary things.
God is Good. He is working His goodness in out through others in our lives. I am now concentrating listening for God's direction to spend myself in the act of DOing good for someone else.

One other thing, I am slowly learning that I needn't be the planner I thought I should be. God does all the planning. I just need to trust him. I keep saying God we need xx amount this week to pay this or that. He keeps saying, I will give you what you truly need if you just trust me. I didn't get the x amount for what I wanted paid last week, but now I am ahead of where I thought I would be at this time.

Hubby is also taking an active role in playing out the lessons he has learned. Last week he started taking out his tithe immediatly on reciving his payment for his runs. Before setting aside money for his expenses, which he has to do before he can give me any money at all. And God is honoring that. I am learning from that as well and will be taking out my tithe from any money I get before putting the rest in the bank or using it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the map idea so I added a map on my blog! Cindy Downes, (EMPTYNESTMOM),

shanna berry said...

Oh Maria, Dh learning that lesson on tithes will so sew fruit! I am so with you on stuggling to let go of control, but God truly wants me to trust Him at a high level. Yesterday was a case in point on providing, we had two so big bills come through, though budgeting carefully didn't see them coming, and He just provided..such unexpected ways, so amazingly on time for the need. I am walking this out with you and I know you and God can do this! love ya! Shanna

Formia said...

Glad to hear things are going a bit better - God will take care of you. *hugs*

~Patricia~ said...

What a beautiful testimony, Maria. God is so good to us, isn't He? And Happy Belated Birthday! Love ~ Patricia

Formia said...

ryc: hahaha YEAH for real!!! we aren't memorizing it, thank goodness -- it was danny and patrick's idea to do it for this concert, silly boys LOL

BooMama said...

That is a really encouraging post, Maria - your faithfulness (not to mention God's faithfulness) is so encouraging. Continue to keep us posted....

Faith said...

It was your birthday!!!! Oh my! Happy Birthday to you! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! He is faithful! It sounds like prayers are being answered. We ar lifting you up every night!!!

Cheri said...

Oh Maria I identify with you on the growth ...God is pulling and stretching and showing me so many things and areas that need fixed and weeded and worked on...I'm praying for you sister!~