Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Quest

My dear friend Stacey, who is amazing in her own right, she just doesn't believe it .......yet, has started on a 40 day quest. In reading her first posts, on which I haven't commented, but still read, I have discovered something about myself. Or prehaps rediscovered, she and I are alot alike. At least in our insecurities. But as I typed out the words 'alot alike' I realized that if I identify with her in the insecurities, I must try to idenify with her in the positives about myself as well. So I too will make a daily quest. I intitally wanted to say it too would be 40 days, but I don't know. I guess I do need a goal or I won't know when I get there. So lets say this -- I will spend the next 40 days reaching beyond myself even more and daily recording what I find. At the end I will look back at where I started and set a new goal.

Be back later with some goals and directions I want this to take. I want to take some time off today to listen to God and His plan for me during thistime.


Think Pink Dana said...

you need a tiara. I am going to look for one for you. beleive me, you ARE amazing.

Stacey said...

Ah Maria! I have learned that we are ALLLL a LOT alike! ((hugs)) Praying for you as you make your decisions on what you want to do with this. *muah*