Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day 3

Today has been a much better day. Even after a call to/from the mortgage company. Hubby and I had a long prayer time as well as some good couple time last night.k Of course the hours from 1 am to 6 am were riddled with wind and storms. Normally storms don't bother me much, but last night the wind, straight line, was so bad it really scared me. For awhile I was so petrified I couldn't even pray. After awhile I settled down. I had another long prayer session about the fear. But God was so Good, He restored my comfort. Praise Him!!

A couple of things have stood out for me in the last 24 hours.

1. God convicted me of my envy. At first that one blew me away, because it wasn't of material things exactly. It was of testimonies. I wanted God to act in a mighty way so that I could testify to it and give Him the Glory. I was fooling myself by saying it was for God's glory, when it really was for my own. So I confessed and handed it all over to Him and work not to try to do His planning for Him.

2. Leann spoke of she and her hubby relating to each other as both as first born children. They are able to understand each other easier because of this. I, to am a first born. However, my husband isn't, he's fourth born, first of his own father, but fourth nonetheless. These children are typically more laid back, from what I understand. This info helps me understand and relate to my husband differently.

3. Schedules and routines are wonderful. Even though I slept in because I was up a lot for the storms last night. I still accomplished a lot and feel good about what I have done. My home isn't perfect but I am okay with it. I am working slowly and steadily on it. Another few days of decent moods and good routines and I will be on track.

I am still looking for God's plan, seeking it out step by step.

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