Monday, April 17, 2006

Oh I forgot the real news of the day...

This weekend I discovered my old first year cornet/trumpet book. It has been 20 years since my first year in band. My first band concert was May 15, 1986 (relax I only remember the date because it was my birthday) Ironically my last band concert was also on a birthday, my hubby's though I didn't know him at the time. May 13th, this time in 1992. Anyway I digress.

When I discovered that book and realized how long it has been since those first days in band, I began to recall my directors. I wondered what they were doing now. I wondered if my Jr. High director was still there or not. He had been there for several years before I started band and was there the last time I knew anything about it. I had a so/so relationship with the high school director. He and I never got along real well, I only tolerated him because I was fiercely loyal to the band, and my friends there. He only tolerated me because my parents did so much work for the band boosters. He has since gone on to other things. But I loved my Jr High director. He actually shared the duties of beginning and intermediate band with the high school director but basically he did most of the work for all three of those bands. He could work wonders with anything he touched, both literally and fugitively. He fixed my horn more times that I care to remember, never complaining or even asking me "just how did you flatten the bell of the cornet?" (another story for another time) He made the skirt for our drum majorette my first year in marching band. He repaired many uniforms over the years. And most of all he was the quiet support for many of us frustrated by actions of the Sri High director. I believe that our band program would not have been as strong as it was without the support of J. Ron Pratt.

I received a forwarded email today from a fellow alumni and fellow graduate of the class of '92, who by the way is NOW a Junior High band director at the same school, that stated that Mr. Pratt is retiring at the end of this year. This fellow alumni is trying to get in touch with as many band alumni that he can to let them know the news. He is also collecting cards to present to Mr. Pratt at the spring concert, (which is incidentally NOT on mine or my hubby's birthdays ;-) ) and inviting all those that can to come to the concert to share in the special tribute and reception afterwards.

I will be sending my card with a heartfelt letter of appreciation, and if it is at all possible I will be going to that concert!


MichelleD said...

Aww...I was a band-o too. ;) In fact, there were about 5 years in ms/hs that I thought that I wanted to become a band teacher! :) I loved my middle and high school band directors, but have lost touch with both of them (I even used to babysit the middle school director's children!). I hope you get to go to the concert!
Twinkling for Jesus,

janice said...

I am taggin you girl for the "weird" meme. Hope you aren't already tagged.

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