Monday, April 10, 2006

LBY extra

I had several comments that liked my glass of water analogy, in relation to pouring out so that the Holy Spirit could pour in. Yesterday in chuch, He seemed to be working overtime and extended the analogy for me. I wanted to share it with you.

I stated "No matter how hard I try I can not put any milk into a glass that is already full of water." I got to thinking that statement is more correct if I add the phrase "without making a big mess." Have you ever tried to pour something out of a glass or cup and have the liquid go everywhere but where you are trying to pour it? Big mess right? Quite often it is the same with me when I start to pour out my confessions and concerns, espeically my confessions. A big mess. It usually isn't pretty, especially when I have held onto them for a while. But as the glass or cup must be emptied of its contents for what ever reason, I too must be emptied of myself, so that the Holy Spirit can fill me up.

I also got to thinking of the "experiements" both of my sons have done at one time or another. They each have tried to pour one liquid into a container already full or almost full with another liquid. Another big mess even bigger this time, however. However you will notice, or at least I did, that some of the liquid being poured will end up in the almost full glass. Keep pouring and eventually more of the liquid from the cup will be displaced allowing more of the liquid being poured to take up residence. The original liquid will probably never be completly replaced. I believe that the concept works the same way with the Holy Spirit. I am not saying He forces his way in but, the more that I pour out the more He will pour in. Again usually a big mess occurs, this time bigger than if I had 'done it right in the first place'. At the very least it is a longer process. The part of me that remains is working against the Holy Spirit causing war and fatique in my soul, ususally manifesting itself in stress, short temperedness, and even physical ailments, headaches and the like.

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janice said...

So that's why I am such a mess!!!LOL

thanks Maria! good insight!

eph2810 said...

Ha - you are right. Always fighting to get better. Holding on to too much junk...Thanks for the insight.:)

Rach said...

Very good analogy! You are so right on. Thank you for sharing this.

janna said...

I don't even like milk! :) Pour it out!!! Thanks for expanding!

Lauren said...

Yep, and I'm with Janice again, I'm a big mess too. :)

HolyMama! said...

i'm one that needs those visual pictures, so well done!

Patricia said...

Excellent analogies! Thanks! Happy Resurrection Day!

BooMama said...

That's a great thought...and it makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for your insight!